Alibi V.26 No.21 • May 25-31, 2017

Get Away Today

Festivals that are outside the box

Get out of town in search of sonic solution.

The Latest


Diary of a Desert Wanderer

An adventure through eight N.M. counties

Unearthed from beneath a pile of debris and primeval survival tools was recently found an ancient explorer's journal full of fascinating details of primitive nomadic life.

High Point of Myth

A hike up Mount Taylor

Yé'iitsoh was killed by the twin war gods Born-for-Water and Monster-Slayer on top of Mount Taylor. The lava flow is the hardened remains of his blood.


Wizard of Wulkan

Local sound engineer rocks sustainability

Howard Wulkan, longtime artist and recording engineer, saw Albuquerque and its surrounding environment as a perfect solution to a life fraught with the stresses and dangers of living in the big city.


On Beauty & Mystery

Mary Tsiongas creates scenes with haunting resonance

Bisecting the darkness of Tsiongas' work is a beam of light from an obsolete machine that allows nature to take its stand in the frame.

What the Frame Holds

Bruce Warren Davis makes art on the edge

With a ramshackle budget, Bruce Warren Davis has been able to create highly expressive works that provide inquiry into borders in their varying shades of definition.

Pretty in Print

Alibi writing contest brings local lit to light

The Weekly Alibi is seeking submissions for the newly minted, first-ever Pretty in Print writing contest. Authors from across the state are invited to send their works of 750 words or less in any of three categories: fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry.


That Lovin’ Feelin’

Sandia Botanicals has the touch

Josh tries a strain that relaxes muscles and relieves stress while dodging the heady sleepiness of many indicas, and another which makes conversation easy and reduces social anxiety.


The Budget and Tapia

Council manages many municipal issues

Sprinkle some money here; toss a little over there. Albuquerque City Councilors cultivated a $531.4 million city operating budget during a five-hour regular meeting May 15.


Lawsuit filed over school funding, pedestrian deaths rise and Peter DeBenedittis runs for governor.

Odds & Ends

Funny because being attacked by a giant penis happens to someone else.


The readers write about life, drug reimbursement and La Familiar.


The Lovers

Married couple cheat on the cheaters they’re cheating with in admirably drab domestic dramedy

Yo Dawg, I heard you like cheating, so I put cheating in your cheating so you can cheat on your cheater.

Reel World

All the King’s Men and the Feline Film Festival hit KiMo and “Writing and Imagining the Short Film” class happens at Arts Lab UNM.

Fall Break (Part 1)

The 2017/18 upfront season

What can we look forward to watching (or not) in what the networks call "upfront season?"

Week in Sloth

Devin reveals his battery-licking fetish while Netflix snaps up Brad Pitt's film and Lifetime offers you yet another fear.


Down Home at The Farmacy

Locally-sourced and expertly crafted daytime fare

With its locally-sourced fare and smart, cool vibes, the quiet and cozy Farmacy is the kind of place Albuquerque deserves as an option.

Food News

Shamrock Foods expands its reach, Blake's Lotaburger rolls out a new design, Pasión Latin Fusion closes its doors, Think New Mexico is against the food tax, La Madeleine building in Uptown and a piping hot mug of … pizza?

Alibi V.26 No.20 • May 18-24, 2017


Bajito y Suavecito

Talking lowriders in New Mexico with writer and photographer Don Usner

The cars are art in this homegrown scene, each with story and history relating to a place and family.


Heinrich Says

Senator flies home for Nob Hill event, meets with Alibi

Martin Heinrich warns of the disastrous consequences for New Mexicans in ACA "repeal & replace" and talks about the economic opportunity of exporting wind power and peoples’ dawning realization that governance actually matters.


APS moves employees to save funds, N.M. joins lawsuit against reopening coal leases and is also one of the worst states for child hunger.


Finding Fractious Familiar

La Familar flummoxes foodie

A tale of two enchiladas at La Familiar, wherein August March laments the uncertainty of epicurean life, realizing that nothing is forever.

Food News

The Stamp Out Hunger food drive breaks a record, Mosquero gets its first restaurant, science says kimchi is good for you, Garcia’s Kitchen encourages breaking the law and Martinez flip-flops on the food tax.


All Your Favorite '80s Hits!

The D.A.R.E. era makes a comeback

Trump suggests he might violate Rohrabacher-Farr amendment in budget bill while also surrendering to opioid epidemic, and plant limit keeps rural New Mexicans from having access to providers.


Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer

Richard Gere commits to character in influence-peddling drama

If your attention span is sturdy enough and your interest in international business/Israeli politics strong enough to get you through a swamp of wordy details, Norman is worth catching for the committed character work of Richard Gere.

Reel World

Attend “Indie Film Night" at the Albuquerque Museum, cuddle with a baby goat and enjoy a movie, and submit your film for 2017 NM Filmmakers Showcase.

Gone, Baby, Gone

Networks ax shows with abandon

Fall TV schedules are about to be announced, so the broadcast networks are making room by killing old, sickly and underperforming series. So who got the chop?

Week in Sloth

The 1950s are back with their monster movies and now-colorized Lucy, and so is a later time with its “Twin Peaks” and Dirty Dancing.



Shutters Snapping on Summer

Traci Quinn previews 2017's PhotoSummer

With PhotoSummer, UNM Art Museum aims to maintain the energy of the academic year by drawing on the experiences captured by photographers in New Mexico.

Alibi V.26 No.19 • May 11-17, 2017

Everybody Loves Bacon

“I Love Dick” on Amazon

"I Love Dick" is grown-up television dealing with complicated, messy human issues. It’s a comedy that isn’t afraid to be uncomfortable and a drama that isn’t afraid to poke fun at its characters.


Deanna Archuleta’s Alibi interview [Video]

Deanna Archuleta met with Weekly Alibi last week to discuss her bid for mayor. During the conversation, it became clear that her objectives—matched with a genuine concern for constituents and a general disdain of political priorities in favor of progressive, public-benefiting policies—drive her quest to be our city’s next leader.


Reel World

Screening: a secret film in a secret location, "Max Headroom" in Santa Fe and a "capstone" project at Kimo.

Week in Sloth

Netflix has a doc about one of Nixon and Trump's tricksters, MTV shows how to prompose and PBS explains food chemistry.


Mysteries of Identity

Super sleuthin' with the DIY PI Jessamyn Lovell

Jessamyn Lovell has been a photographer since her youth; that practice eventually led her to two projects, which in turn, led to her current work as an artist-turned-private-investigator.

All Roads Lead to Florida

Sarah Gerard's dark evocations of the sunshine state

Sarah Gerard's book of essays, Sunshine State, is an ode to the many faces of her home state, with a the dizzying toggle between internal landscapes and external forces, shifting between the poetic and the starkly unsentimental.


Archuleta Articulates Vision

Public health, public service and businesses that give back

Albuquerque mayoral candidate Deanna Archuleta’s most successful initiatives speak to her civic engagement and sense of belonging to the citizenry at large.


N.M. had the lowest graduation rate in 2015, Democratic candidates for governor race for nomination and PNM lowers proposed rate increase.

Odds & Ends

Funny because punishment for being “too sexy” happens to someone else.


This is Really Happening

Take action, then dig some live tuneage

There's a K-12 arts education fundraiser and high desert hip-hop. Blast off with the bitch and hear the deaf.


Food News

Farm & Table does brunch, Rio Bravo Brewing Co. plans a new restaurant, Pepper's Ole' Fashion Barbecue wins a TV competition, Meow Wolf opens a food truck, El Patron gets nacho recognition and local radio hosts raise money to fight food shaming in schools.


Up and Away

New Mexicann Natural Medicines give us a boost

Superman OG takes on inflammation with feelings of well-being and then THC-laced maple walnut fudge turns an annoyance into something to laugh at.