Alibi V.26 No.23 • June 8-14, 2017

Sorbé Despacio

Sunny spaces, sapid spirits and a slow song

Here are a handful of refreshing libations and patios on which to enjoy them with your summertide bae.


Eric Williams

Alibi Celebrates Pride

Guests of the N.M. Pride Celebration join Weekly Alibi to party

We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth at the Albuquerque Pride Celebration and the wonderful folx running the beautiful event.


Budget Override, Parade of Pride

Plus taxes and animal welfare

Love for Burque Pride, a shout out to Bessie’s Lace for hanging in there for 25 years and a veto override were part of the June 5 Albuquerque City Council meeting.


N.M. had highest inmate rate in 2013, officials warn of Medicaid phishing scam and construction to begin on CNM campus.


In last week’s printed issue, we forgot the credit for the excellent portraits for the “Solidarity Through Pride” photo essay. The pictures were taken by Eric Williams Photography.

Odds & Ends

Funny because Lady Justice doesn't laugh with someone else.


My Cousin Rachel

Love, marriage and maybe murder in merry olde England

Between My Cousin Rachel's intriguing opening and its punchy ending, the nuanced script and subtle direction successfully elevate du Maurier’s self-consciously old-fashioned source material.

Reel World

Albuquerque Film & Music Experience continues and movies show in parks and plazas.

Nailed It

“Claws” on TNT

“Claws”’s mix of rowdy comedy, rude shocks and good, old-fashioned Florida noir tell us this could be a down-and-dirty adventure worth sticking with.

Week in Sloth

Syfy has a new grindhouse exploitation series, Orphan Black's fifth and final season gets underway and Smithsonian has amazing monkeys.


That’s Quite A Lot!

You keep on shouting, you keep on shouting...

Nueva York electro wizards The Knocks visit, David Felberg will lead listeners to better understand the musical works of "suspected Communist sympathizers" and Isley Brothers manifest the very definitions of soul, R&B and funk.


Fuerza Flamenca

The 30th Annual Flamenco Festival Internacional de Alburquerque brings Adrián Santana

Adrián Santana has traveled the world studying, teaching and performing. This year, National Institute of Flamenco welcomes Santana back as one of the headlining performers.

Memory Rendered into Poetry

Jacqueline Woodson's visit and her novel, Another Brooklyn

In Another Brooklyn, two-parts poetry and one-part prose, it's not just the story that resonates, but the knack that Jacqueline Woodson has for infusing the world she creates with the contemplativeness that comes with her earnest poetry.


Beans, Burritos and Office Space

Acapulco will make you want to stay forever

At Acapulco you will find masterfully crafted classics that you might not have realized you were missing so badly.

Food News

Santa Fe's Tomasita's opening ABQ location, where to find the Mobile Farmers Market, shooting suspects flee in a food truck, a Pizza 9 location insults a customer on Facebook, Sawmill Market expected next year and the Field to Food annual dinner helps seniors.


Alibi V.26 No.22 • June 1-7, 2017

But They’re Still Making Noise

And you know what else?

Hip-hop outfit Flobots brings their protest songs, Conan brings their cave-dwelling barbarian sludge and Elvis Costello brings his punked-out ‘70s ensemble.


Solidarity & Co.

Pride 2017 celebrates standing together

No matter the issue—be it race, sexuality, religion, gender—giving a face to the “other” brings prejudice down to a more personal level in a way where words often fall short.


The Wedding Plan

Israeli romantic comedy eschews romance and comedy, but still finds sympathy for its undaunted heroine

The Wedding Plan never fully convinces as a romantic comedy but has a certain charm and velocity that’s hard to escape.

Reel World

The Albuquerque Film & Music Experience returns, while CineFesta Italia and a mixer for local filmmakers hit Santa Fe.

Fall Break (Part 2)

The 2017/18 upfront season

What else can we look forward to watching (or not) in what the networks call "upfront season?"


Red Planet Rising

Albuquerque's first Indigenous-centric bookstore opens its doors

Red Planet will be Albuquerque's first Indigenous bookstore and the first ever Indigenous comic shop.

Surface Currents

Emerging artists ascend at The Harwood

What sets SURFACE apart in the landscape of local opportunities is the professional development element. Participants attend an intensive workshop that focuses on what it means to be, and how to further oneself, as a working artist.


Float On

Cannabubbles slowly take Rini high into the clouds

Cannabubbles help Rini Grammer to relax in a way that feels "normal."


Forum Invigorates Campaign

Mayoral candidates put their dukes up!

Six Albuquerque mayoral candidates faced off last week in one of the first forums of the campaign, answering questions on a wide range of issues like community policing, immigration and economic development.


Route 66 in danger of losing landmark funding, APS approves new budget and plans for solid waste center released.

Where to Now?

Mayoral campaign reveals similarities

Amidst so many similar planks in platforms that appear, on the surface, to mirror each other, it’s reasonable to fear that progressive and centrist voters will split the vote unnecessarily, giving right-leaning candidates the advantage they need to win the race and ultimately continue the failed policies of the Berry administration.


The Mayoral Forum

The readers write about the Mayoral Forum, healthcare reform at the state level and the numerous presidential scandals providing distraction for one another.


Gorillaz as Humanz

Return of the PoMo primates

Humanz is a remarkably danceable record. It’s well suited to your house party but with a discourse of danger and disappointment extending across the album’s entire tracklist.


Ride the Wave

Hello Poké is cool, fresh and filling

Rare is the joint that delivers take-away that is focused on a vibrantly fresh and healthy meal. Enter Hello Poké, riding a giant wave of foodie enthusiasm for one of Hawaii’s proudest dishes.

Food News

Chipotle has some malware trouble, Chello's opens next week, Twisters has a new ABQ location, Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm tells us about organic agriculture, the deets on the “Anti-Lunch Shaming” bill and quick dishes for Ramadan.

Alibi V.26 No.21 • May 25-31, 2017

Diary of a Desert Wanderer

An adventure through eight N.M. counties

Unearthed from beneath a pile of debris and primeval survival tools was recently found an ancient explorer's journal full of fascinating details of primitive nomadic life.


High Point of Myth

A hike up Mount Taylor

Yé'iitsoh was killed by the twin war gods Born-for-Water and Monster-Slayer on top of Mount Taylor. The lava flow is the hardened remains of his blood.


The Budget and Tapia

Council manages many municipal issues

Sprinkle some money here; toss a little over there. Albuquerque City Councilors cultivated a $531.4 million city operating budget during a five-hour regular meeting May 15.


Lawsuit filed over school funding, pedestrian deaths rise and Peter DeBenedittis runs for governor.

Odds & Ends

Funny because being attacked by a giant penis happens to someone else.


Live Simply, Love Others

The readers write about life, drug reimbursement and La Familiar.


Get Away Today

Festivals that are outside the box

Get out of town in search of sonic solution.

Wizard of Wulkan

Local sound engineer rocks sustainability

Howard Wulkan, longtime artist and recording engineer, saw Albuquerque and its surrounding environment as a perfect solution to a life fraught with the stresses and dangers of living in the big city.


That Lovin’ Feelin’

Sandia Botanicals has the touch

Josh tries a strain that relaxes muscles and relieves stress while dodging the heady sleepiness of many indicas, and another which makes conversation easy and reduces social anxiety.


The Lovers

Married couple cheat on the cheaters they’re cheating with in admirably drab domestic dramedy

Yo Dawg, I heard you like cheating, so I put cheating in your cheating so you can cheat on your cheater.

Reel World

All the King’s Men and the Feline Film Festival hit KiMo and “Writing and Imagining the Short Film” class happens at Arts Lab UNM.

Fall Break (Part 1)

The 2017/18 upfront season

What can we look forward to watching (or not) in what the networks call "upfront season?"

Week in Sloth

Devin reveals his battery-licking fetish while Netflix snaps up Brad Pitt's film and Lifetime offers you yet another fear.


On Beauty & Mystery

Mary Tsiongas creates scenes with haunting resonance

Bisecting the darkness of Tsiongas' work is a beam of light from an obsolete machine that allows nature to take its stand in the frame.

What the Frame Holds

Bruce Warren Davis makes art on the edge

With a ramshackle budget, Bruce Warren Davis has been able to create highly expressive works that provide inquiry into borders in their varying shades of definition.

Pretty in Print

Alibi writing contest brings local lit to light

The Weekly Alibi is seeking submissions for the newly minted, first-ever Pretty in Print writing contest. Authors from across the state are invited to send their works of 750 words or less in any of three categories: fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry.


Down Home at The Farmacy

Locally-sourced and expertly crafted daytime fare

With its locally-sourced fare and smart, cool vibes, the quiet and cozy Farmacy is the kind of place Albuquerque deserves as an option.

Food News

Shamrock Foods expands its reach, Blake's Lotaburger rolls out a new design, Pasión Latin Fusion closes its doors, Think New Mexico is against the food tax, La Madeleine building in Uptown and a piping hot mug of … pizza?