Alibi V.27 No.42 • Oct 18-24, 2018


TaskUs, Netflix and Voting

Council also works to end domestic violence

Council proclaims October Domestic Violence Awareness month, approves the next step in handing out a $6 million industrial revenue bond package for TaskUs and gets ready to debate giving $4.5 million to Netflix.


New Mexico's representation at the federal level is crucial in keeping our concerns addressed and our interests heard on the Hill. Weekly Alibi has endorsed Democrat Debra Haaland this week, so let's take a look at the other candidates.

Odds & Ends

Funny because getting sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp happens to someone else. (Wait... what?!)




News on the Green

What’s “kosher” to post about cannabis products on social media? Plus the cannabis industry heads towards more high-tech industrialization.


Black ’47

Bloody revenge saga is more folk ballad than history lesson

Looked on less as a rigorous historical account and more as a blood-soaked folk tale told around a flickering tavern fireplace, Black ’47 makes for one rousing cinematic yarn.

Cinema Different

See Shattered Glass or “Breaking Bad ABQ&A: An Evening With Vince Gilligan” with discussion, Christiana: 40 Years of Occupation or many of the offerings at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival.

TV News

Televised tidbits from around the dial

Coming up on TV is the pre-Batman lore of "Pennyworth," Dracula, “Breeders" and the return of "Veronica Mars."


Running with the Pack

Writer Amy Irvine honors, challenges and rethinks Desert Solitaire

With humor, wisdom and a sense of urgency, Amy Irvine uses Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire as a jumping off point to assess the current state of the world, to expose the very human error of the literary heroes on dusty pedestals, and to reinsert many of us back into the narrative.

Story Time

A classic form gets a modern update via Duke City Story Slam

October's Duke City Story Slam will bring to the stage lore on the theme of “Yikes!” in anticipation of Halloween.

Found Objects

This week's fun includes Divas in Danger, Pennysmiths Paper's birthday party and Calavera Face Painting and Altar History Community Arts Workshop.

Alibi V.27 No.41 • Oct 11-17, 2018

The Old Man & The Gun

Real life bank heist flick gets a senior discount

The Old Man & The Gun is an affable, sedentary tale of a likable old rogue—a sort of Catch Me If You Can for the AARP set—but it’s not the sort of film you can get excited about.


Big Feed

These are the places voted best for gluttonous indulgence. Ohhh yeah.


Creative Economies

Octofair 2018 brings deeper collaborations, experiences

From their adorable brick storefront, The Octopus and the Fox sells the work of local creatives, from kitschy embroidery to fine jewelry to bath products and housewares.

Everytown, USA

Our Town has something important to share

Our Town reveals a glimmer of how dazzling life is and how tragically habituated to it we can become.

Found Objects

See Separate Tables, browse an artist market, solve a Murder Mystery at the Museum or go to the Time Present/Time Past opening.


Vote Early, Vote Now!

Here is your chance to change course

As we head into the time of casting votes in the midterm election, Weekly Alibi looked at what Bernalillo County has on the ballot.


Teachers union is calling for PED to speed up its background review process; Martinez orders state agencies to ease requirements for certain occupational licenses; City officials announce plans to construct a new maintenance facility at the Westside landfill.

Odds & Ends

Funny because a flame-spouting hole, which experts assure is non-Satanic, happens to someone else.


Kavanaugh v. Garland

The readers write about Republicans and creationism.

Gary Johnson is No Ally to the LGBTQ+ Community

We envision a world in which New Mexicans have access to opportunity because oppression is obsolete

Across the country and here in New Mexico, opponents of queer liberation and self-determination have re-organized under the guise of “religious freedom advocates.”


Star Search

See Coco or “Villains and Monsters" and go to the Way OUT West Film Festival. And if you think you pass for a “high school-looking" then some TV producers might like to hire you.

TV Deadpool

Fall’s biggest loser is …

What in the new TV season is stinking up the airwaves? What could the first casualty of fall 2018 be?


Catch The Wavves

Sittin’ on top of the world with Stephen Pope

Wavves are a band from San Diego. Soon they will crash into Burque. More deets here.


Hemp Rules

The Department of Agriculture to hold regulations hearings

The Department of Agriculture is beginning the process of introducing hemp production to New Mexico; no, CBD didn't get legalized; 2/3 of Senate candidates support legalization; LDS supports medical cannabis.

News on the Green

Ringing celebrity endorsements could mean more funding options for cannabis businesses, and a new study tracks cannabis suppositories to see if they provide symptom relief during menstrual cycles.

Alibi V.27 No.40 • Oct 4-10, 2018

Attitude Adjustments

No complaints at Sacred Garden

Snow White relaxes Joshua Lee and slows him down, but with little headiness, leading to a pleasant body high to fight minor aches and pains, then Strawberry Fields locks him into the couch.


Our Health is Our Future

City Council approves Medicaid buy-in resolution

Luckily for Burqueños and Burqueñas, a forward-thinking City Council is on your side, on the side of the future. This past week Council newcomer Cynthia Borrego introduced a resolution urging our leaders to support a statewide healthcare for all initiative sponsored by NM Together Healthcare.

City/County Lawmakers in The House

Local legislative bodies moving forward and the sound’s so soothing

Councilors gave the green light to electric scooters and other kinds of shared transportation vehicles such as bicycles and small, wheeled vehicles to operate in the public rights of way.


The state Court of Appeals ruled that government agencies who fail to adequately respond to requests for public records could be fined up to $100 a day—and other tales of suspense.

Lobos Set to Begin Season

As we further approach the University of New Mexico's basketball season, fans are hoping to keep the team's significant momentum, shown earlier this year. While ultimately falling short in the Mountain West Conference tournament championship game against San Diego State, UNM appears to have a roster worthy of an NCAA tournament bid in February.

UNM Still Very Much Alive With Rout of UNLV

The University of New Mexico Lobos silenced its critics Saturday after a beat-down in Vegas. Especially UNM's quarterback, Sheriron Jones, who became the first to throw for four touchdowns in two consecutive games in program history.The offense has acquired its struggles throughout the season; however, numerous plays, made by Junior QB, Jones, against a conference rival have not only made him a candidate for the “Manning Award Quarterback of the Week,” but also a hopeful turnaround for the general program.

Albuquerque Woman is a Finalist in PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50 Contest

Albuquerque, N.M.—PETA Prime is preparing to crown this year's Sexiest Vegans Over 50—and Albuquerque resident Vicki Garay is vying for the women's title. She beat out entrants from across the country to advance to the final round of six contestants. Visitors to PETA Prime's website can now help the group select the lucky winners (one man and one woman), who will each receive an eight-day adventure through northern India, courtesy of VegVoyages—Vegan Adventure Tours.

Odds & Ends

Funny because getting pistol whipped over an extremely important issue happens to someone else.


Bus Stopped

The readers write about ABQRide, candidates' position on cleaning up the jet fuel spill and exactly which helicopter really flew to Krispy Kreme.

But Wait … There's No THC in My CBD!

Cannabis use is on the rise and the biking community is feeling the impact. The USADA, a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Agency, has made changes this year that affect a multitude of riders. There is an updated Banned Substance List that took effect at the beginning of this year and it's leaving some dazed and confused.

Eat Your Food, Kids

Children are starving in America

There is a tremendous issue plaguing the University of New Mexico, the United States and indeed, the entire world. Regrettably, this worrisome trend is also one that isn’t often at the forefront of the collective consciousness of our eco-obsessed generation. Perhaps the most troubling aspect is the relative ease with which our society can confront this multifaceted problem, and yet it persists as a maddeningly irksome horse-fly orbiting around our heads.


Lost in the Flow

Let’s go and find peace of mind at a show

Wouldn’t you like to check out shows by Ought, Mat Kearney, The Birthday Massacre and Frankie & the Witch Fingers? We thought so! Rock on, readers.

Garbage Matters

The mind and vision of Butch Vig, translated into what remains

Butch Vig talks about Garbage, grunge and greatness with Alibi Music Editor August March.


A Star is Born

A star is rebooted in familiar musical melodrama

This tale of a faded musical icon who discovers a talented young ingénue, mentors her, falls in love and then becomes despondent when her star eclipses his own is a familiar cliché. Thankfully, the 2018 revamp of the age-old entertainment industry story offers up a respectable number of un-guilty pleasures before succumbing to its manipulative emotions and unabashedly old-fashioned drama.

Stories of Humanity

This week: Humanity on the Move film series comes to the National Hispanic Cultural Center’s Bank of America Theatre; Heritage Farm at ABQ Biopark hosts its first-ever movie night, and it’s Hotel Transylvania at the Central and Unser Library.

The Doctor Is In

“Doctor Who” on BBC America

Legions of “Doctor Who” fans are waiting in something between eager anticipation and deep trepidation for Season 11 of their favorite sci-fi show to return. The source of this uncertainty is the fact that the BBC is giving “Doctor Who” its biggest reboot in series history, recasting its main character as a woman.


Think Small

Tinyscapes gives viewers new, smaller perspectives

In Tinyscapes, Hallee Nguyen will document 101 staged, miniscule landscapes throughout the city.

Print Magic

ABQ Zine Fest year eight with Lawrence Lindell and many others

“It's the perfect medium,” artist, musician and educator Lawrence Lindell said over the phone from Oakland, Calif., where he had just returned home after participating in Maryland's Small Press Expo. “There's a wide range of what you can do with zines, you can experiment without too much pressure.” And Lindell himself has used the medium for many years to explore topics that relate to identity, mental health, accessibility and representation—primarily through his comics.

The Monday Poem: Howl 2018

I saw the worst men of my generation waving their small limp dicks at the flag

high on money and war, the logic and bitter drivel of their solipsist words.

Bury yourself in chenille throws and wool blankets children, it's time to hide.

Drag yourself through asphalt rush hour panoply of cars not listening to NPR.

In Baltimore, ODs and homicide erupt. In Washington, Senators masturbate.

I miss my old Underwood. It sits in a Colorado cabin and mice live there now.

I could stab and whack and tap tap tap the plutocrat's names in jazzy red ink.

Stretch that ribbon! Strike the keys, bash the return bar into place, ring the bell!

The Cold War's simplistic tropes no match for demon-memes of demagogues.


Tacos and Ice Cream In One Place?!

El Cotorro combines concept and craftsmanship

When it comes to crowd-pleasing ideas to build a restaurant around, the concept of El Cotorro is hard to beat. "Craft tacos and craft ice cream" is a simple enough idea, while still one that can easily go wrong if you don't deliver on either front. But with a bustling Nob Hill location, ever-changing (but always tasty) specials and an outdoor patio that seats about 15, El Cotorro delivers.

Fêting Greek Life

Immerse yourself in Greek culture at Albuquerque Grecian Festival, mingle with high desert creatives at the print release party for 1905’s Home Issue and celebrate Southwestern harvest tradition at El Rancho de las Golondrinas’ 2018 Harvest Festival.


News on the Green

Dr. Oz discusses the CBD oil boom and a recent study shows that cannabis has lasting cognitive functioning problems in teens.