Alibi V.27 No.49 • Dec 6-12, 2018

Hosho Dreams of Sushi

Shogun delivers quality sushi and serene vibes

Shogun has become part of the city's dining DNA, an Albuquerque institution. Any time you and yours have a hankerin' for Japanese, the consistent quality and vibrant central location make it hard to beat.


Last Minute Gift Guide 2018

Get your gift on

Our holiday gift-giving season strategy is simple: stick to your part of town. Albuquerque is full of cool and interesting shops, stores, galleries, etc. that are filled with unique gift options. No need to race all over Burque wasting time and gas looking for that last-minute gift when you can stick to your own backyard.


ABQ Guitarworks, Archery Shoppe and Animal Humane Thrift Shop have gifts for Midtown shoppers.

Nob Hill

Color Wheel Toys and Stranger Factory have gifts for Nob Hill shoppers.

North Valley

North Valley Emporium and Nomades have gifts for North Valley shoppers.

Northeast Heights

Now We're Cooking and Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium have gifts for Northeast Heights shoppers.


Land Bridges

Land art students forge connections between species, places, people

An eight-week experience in land art of the American West brought artists to different sites throughout the Southwest, including the headwaters of the Rio Grande, the Taos Gorge, the Greater Chaco region and the border region between Arizona and Mexico.

The Cat is Back

Snagglepuss brings realness to a cartoon staple

It seems an unlikely platform, but author Mark Russell chooses McCarthyism as the backdrop for his 2018 re-invention of Saturday morning cartoon staple, Snagglepuss.

Found Objects

Another year, another Ugly Sweater Revue and another UNM Print Club's print sale. Also this week: Attachment Theory and Coffee + Creatives “unconference.”


Turn Left for Great Drinks

Spirits, brews and snacks at Left Turn Distilling

Left Turn Distilling is a haven of very pointedly New Mexican liquors and ciders that doesn’t typically get mentioned in the guidebooks.

Applications Open for Grow the Growers

Farm incubator in the South Valley accepting newbies

Grow the Growers is a farm training and business incubator program unique in that it doesn’t rely on any federal funding, and it offers land and water at very reasonable rates to the interns who complete the first year of the program.


News on the Green

Mexico may be on the path to legalization, and a new study shows that vaping cannabis can result in a higher psychoactive reaction than smoking.


Police Oversight Plan Progresses

Harness re-appointed, Ginger positive and more APD buzz

Civilian police oversight is a difficult task at best and for the better half of 2018 the agency and the board have been struggling to keep up.

A Globe of Good Gifts

A reprieve from the cold and Keller’s priorities outlined

Like the people that utilize them, the shanty-towns of Albuquerque are everywhere and nowhere at once: ghostly yet omnipresent.


Last week the Public Education Department released grades for teacher preparation programs; Former Taxation and Revenue Department Secretary Demesia Padilla has pleaded not guilty to charges of embezzlement and corruption; Environment Department has accused Los Alamos National Laboratory of violating its hazardous waste permit.

Abbas Wins District 20

Democrat’s election is certified by the state

Another part of the progressive puzzle falls into place as Abbas is the certified winner in District 20.


Maria By Callas

“Temperamental” diva defends her controversial life in deeply personal documentary

Maria By Callas attempts to illuminate the singer’s controversial life and career, relying entirely on the words of the diva herself to set the stage.

Winter Wonderland

See Warren Miller’s Face of Winter or Adrift. A TV show wants a co-host and the New Mexico Film Office wants volunteer interns.

The Nuttiest Nightmare

“The Shivering Truth” on Cartoon Network

“The Shivering Truth” is a work of pure, demented genius and one of the most original shows you’re likely to experience this time of year and you definitely won’t be thinking about Frosty the Snowman.


Gigs as Gift Guide

What concerts are under your tree?

Concerts as a sort of giftage during the holiday season means a lot to unwrap.

Alibi V.27 No.48 • Nov 29-Dec 5, 2018

Recreational Cannabis in N.M.

Legislation offers hope but Senate a barrier

Even if New Mexico’s next governor supports the legalization of recreational marijuana, a familiar obstacle would still stand in the way: the state Senate.


Lamps: Trimmed and Burning, Please

Keep up as 2020 approaches

Keller introduces One ABQ Volunteers program, N.M. expects fossil fuel revenue surplus, N.M. Secretary of State certifies 2018 election results and refugees teargassed near border.


Mayor Keller announces plan to make city use renewable energy; N.M. PED responds negatively to suggestion that it alter the way it evaluates school performance; County's Department of Behavioral Health Services announces program to offer nonviolent offenders suffering from mental illness the option of getting help instead of jail time.

Odds & Ends

Funny because a fruit basket from your naked assailant happens to someone else.


Meow Wolf: Origin Story

Radical New Mexico art collective goes to the movies

New Mexico’s homegrown success story, the radical arts collective known as Meow Wolf, continues its rocket ship ride to intergalactic success with a documentary feature chronicling the group’s circuitous rise to fame.

Cinema Couture

Buy a Guild T-shirt, see Tortilla Soup, attend “The Power of Story: Part 2—Expect the Unexpected” and sneak peek the Season 3 premiere of “Victoria."

For the Honor of Grayskull!

“She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” on Netflix

Netflix’s “She-Ra” is a re-imagined, entirely re-energized, top-down revamp of the animated standby. In fact, it may be the first ’80s reboot to eschew easy nostalgia (aimed at parents) for contemporary relevance (aimed at actual kids).


A Good Face for the Apocalypse

The opposition loses more support

Attitudes about cannabis continue to relax in DC, 2nd Amendment enthusiasts join the fight and Massachusetts begins collecting recreational cannabis tax revenue.

News on the Green

A cannabis genome map could make breeding new strains with desirable effects faster and more accurate, and cannabis cooking shows are the next big thing.


Sketches of Burque

Ryan Montaño’s trumpet sounds the call

Ryan Montaño chats with Weekly Alibi about his new record.


Art for All

Mothership Alumni's Paganology and beyond

Joel Brandon is the lead at Mothership Alumni, a loose collective of artists that has, in the past nearly 3 years, hosted almost 20 different art shows and is producing the upcoming Paganology exhibition.

George Bailey Lives

Local theater makes life more wonderful

It's a Wondeful Life was an obvious candidate for stage adaptation at the Albuquerque Little Theatre.

Books and Bags

Local releases first novel, Chinese Gucci

Hosho McCreesh illuminates some of his process, ideas, influences for Chinese Gucci.


Why Hasn’t the New Farm Bill Passed Yet?

And why should you care about it?

Though the Farm Bill usually cruises through both the Senate and House with bipartisan support, the chambers have failed to find agreement in 2018, leaving many programs without funding.

The Eclectic Farmer

Fidel Gonzalez on his path to becoming a farmer

While collaborating on a documentary film about indigenous ways of life many years ago, an Apache friend recommended that Fidel Gonzalez contact the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) to learn more about organic farming.

Kitchen Gifts on the Cheap

Of course we’ll be the first to encourage you to buy your holiday gifts locally—but if you’re shopping for a home cook, we also want you to know that there are some pretty good deals to be had on cookware and kitcheny gifts on the internet these days. Like, really good deals.

Alibi V.27 No.47 • Nov 22-28, 2018

A Muse in the Mailbox

Plume offers inspiration for writers in monthly subscription boxes

Plume holds that if you can just be writing—even if it never gets published, even if no one ever reads it—you will have benefited from the process.


Holiday Film Guide 2018

Superheroes, zombies, queens, jungle boys, drug mules, magical nannies, robots, detectives and Supreme Court Justices!

The Thanksgiving-to-Christmas movie season is a brief but intense one, stuffing stockings full-to-bursting with big budget sequels, musicals, sci-fi epics, Oscar-bait dramas and the occasional cheapjack horror flick. What should you be spending your hard-earned ticket money on this year?

Day Tripper

Earlier this year we polled our well-traveled readers, asking them what their favorite spots to eat, stay and see outside of Albuquerque are. If you feel the need to get out of town for a day or two but don’t want to leave the Land of Enchantment, here’s another chapter in Alibi’s Day Tripper travel guide.


Assimilate Now, Citizens!

Get in tune with local government here

Bernalillo County Commission put some future jingle in some of our pockets, while the Albuquerque City Council proclaimed support for statewide affordable healthcare for all.

Minutes to Go

ART, progressive people and health insurance

City relaxes ART traffic rules for now; Mayor appoints heads for Technology and Innovation, City Budget Office and early childhood education; it's open enrollment time for insurance.

Netflix in Burque

Project Zia is Go

Netflix's takeover of ABQ Studios is expected to bring much revenue to N.M.


Now & Again by Julia Turshen

Dinner party planning just got a lot simpler

Practical advice and tips for reusing your leftovers are peppered throughout each of the 20 different menus in Now & Again.

Weekly Specials

Give Thanks. Or Don’t. But Make Sure You Eat Something, Okay?

Whatever your relationship to this American holiday, we hope you have good people to share a meal or two with this week. And if you’ve gotten this far without making any kind of plan for the day, we recommend checking out one of these events where you can take your people to eat tasty food together, no dishwashing involved.



Slow-to-ignite South Korean thriller requires patience

Burning is like a hard-boiled egg that takes two hours to crack. When it does, spilling its messy secrets, it’s a doozy.

Shoot It!

New Mexico Film Foundation wants filmmakers to take their survey and Jon Moritsugu is teaching a two-day filmmaking crash course. Imus Ranch will become the home studio for Rural Media Group’s RFD-TV and The Cowboy Channel.

Season of Schmaltz

Holiday rom-coms around the dial

If you’re into high-powered, overworked female executives forced to return to their rural hometowns for the holidays where they promptly reunite with their high school sweethearts while saving the local bakery/parade/talent show/Christmas tree lot from destruction, then here’s your exhaustive guide to this year’s mistletoe-covered rom-coms.


Writing About Music

A post Thanksgiving primer

There are heaps of concerts coming up on the weekend; don’t let Thanksgiving stop you, rockers!

There Will Be a Cool Yule

And it features jazz, naturally

Entourage Jazz will present a live performance of their latest CD, Entourage Jazz Wishes You A Cool Yule, Saturday, Dec. 1 at the Outpost Performance Space.


Fool Me Twice

Hocus Pocus creates another year of magic

For 30 years Danny Cole has been refining his craft and creating original illusions. Before curtains are drawn this Saturday, Cole explained the allure of magic, and what he hopes to create in this show, called Hocus Pocus.

Found Objects

There's plenty to do while digesting: Burque Revolt poetry slam, Small Business Saturday, The Nutcracker Ballet and handlettering classes.


Waiting For Thailand

Acting patient at GrassRoots Rx

Wild Thailand rubberizes Joshua Lee's joints and makes his head swim. Sugar Black Rose then plants him on the couch.