Alibi V.27 No.51 • Dec 20-26, 2018


Bright direction and epic action keeps watery superhero afloat

Aquaman is a breezy blend of mythology and sci-fi, delivered to audiences with a winking sense of humor.


Another Year Over

Local news expands to fill pages and lives

What can we say about 2018? We took a stroll through Weekly Alibi’s body of coverage of local governing bodies for the year, and here’s what went down in our lovely town.

The Year in How Things Seemed

2018 in art imitating life and vice versa

In 2018, Maggie Grimason stepped out of her life and into art, the world and—wait, what's this doing out here?—her life.

The Biggest Burque Food Stories of 2018

2018 was the year the fermentation craze reached its peak in the form of The Noma Guide to Fermentation cookbook and the year the whole world learned about how amazing Viet-Cajun food is thanks to “Ugly Delicious” on Netflix.

A Bunch of Favourites

The top 10 films of 2018

If you didn’t see these 2018 films in theaters, feel free to hunt them down now and see what all the fuss is about.

Annual Baked Goods Awards

Our favorite dispensaries and strains

Navigating the mess of medicines and providers is a chore unto itself, and we know sometimes you just need a little help from your friends. These were our favorite Albuquerque strains and dispensaries this year


The Worst Films of 2018

We love you, Hollywood, but sometimes you can be so cruel. Here are the top 10 transgressions Hollywood made in the name of cinema in 2018.

Dialed In

The Best TV of 2018

What was the best TV of 2018? Among 400 channels, several thousand websites and a whole bunch of digital streaming services, here are a few that stood out.


Two Weeks’ Worth

Half the space, twice the shows

Fine fine local shows, from punk to jazz, are part of this town’s holiday gift to you, Alibi readers!


All The Colors Came Out

The wide nets of news coverage converge

Among the Albuquerque news that we haven't covered much yet are the Catholic Church, nuclear weapons and crime.


Lead counsel at New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty Gail Evans proposed raising teachers' pay by nearly $10,000 a year; Environment Department issued a notice of violation to the US Air Force for contaminating groundwater around a base near Clovis; nearly half of the city's massive backlog of untested rape kits have been processed since last year.

Odds & Ends

Funny because a fire-alarm-freaked-out Santa screams profanities at someone else.


A Troubled America

The readers write about scary caravans, a wall that will finally let us feel safe and a left-wing socialist commie-fascist libbietard threat, which menaces our psyches every waking moment in between our hopeless attempts to sleep through a merciless, unending nightmare of crooked-Hillaryan America-hating.


Our Own Colbert

The city’s top comedian now has her own talk show

Kendra Jean Brand, the new host of the popular public-access talk show, “The New Mexican Inquisition,” makes people laugh through political satire.

Call for Public Art

Westside group seeks artists

The West Central Community Development Group has issued a call for artists to submit their work to be considered for display on banners that will hang from street lights along west Central.


Nuevo Mexicano Done Right

Cantina Nueva’s fresh and modern take on New Mexican

Cantina Nueva has gone in a good direction with their freshened up takes on Mexican and New Mexican dishes, and Albuquerque will be glad for the new dining options.

David Ruiz of Toltec Brewing

“My fondest memories are centered around the kitchen table”

About six years ago David Ruiz moved to Albuquerque, and has since fallen in love with New Mexico. In that short time he’s found massive success as a chef.

What Are Preserved Lemons?

Not just for tagine anymore

The attractiveness and the salty-tartness of preserved lemons have made them something of an “it” food over the past few years, and more cooks are starting to use it in dishes outside of its usual North African culinary background.


Borderland Blues

Too much at Pecos Valley Production

Joshua Lee is disappointed by Wonder Woman, gets a case of the sillies with Cheeisenberg and braves an interior Border Patrol checkpoint.

Alibi V.27 No.50 • Dec 13-19, 2018

The Literary Life

Organic Books opens up shop in Nob Hill

A new bookstore opens: a literal mom-and-pop shop that welcomes conversation, invites you to take a seat, browse and discover new authors, stories and worlds in the cozy storefront out of the cold.


Year One

Keller on the long road to Burque

A year into his tenure, Weekly Alibi chatted with Mayor Keller about his first year, his successes, his continuing challenges and his lifelong commitment to bringing sustainable democracy and economic certainty to the Duke City.

Peña, Lobbyists and Appointments

The Council is on a roll

The Albuquerque City Council’s powerful president's gavel was passed to Klarissa Peña, driver of a vintage pink Cadillac whose cruising she helped to legalize.


Lawmakers in Santa Fe adopted a new set of security rules for the upcoming legislative session; MVD makes driver authorization cards easier to get; city sues BYD over ART buses.



Light Intensity

Lux Zine's depth of field and purpose

Aaron War and Devon Tencza saw a lot of artists relying on the internet to showcase their work with a severe lack of affordable and regularly made print media available.

Found Objects

See Elf The Musical, pick up a Transgender Resource Center calendar and go to the Swimming with Elephants Soiree.


The Favourite

Mean and nasty historical drama makes ambition a courtly enterprise

The Favourite is loopy, long-winded and devolves into increasingly misanthropic spirals, but has wonderfully deadpan humor, scabrous assessment of female power dynamics and a well-played lesbian twist.

Feliz Año Nuevo

Laugh it up with Mi Gran Noche, check out the High Desert Screening and get through the 12 Days of Christmas Movies.


TV’s worst holiday specials

What were the most painful holiday specials ever made?


Escape the Noise at Cellar Bar

Zinc’s downstairs bar offers a stellar happy hour and a relaxed vibe

Cellar Bar is a sexy place where you'll feel compelled to dress up a little, and not even be upset about it.

Weekly Specials

If you didn’t know that the holidays are coming up, this weekend’s events will certainly remind you.


Fashionably Late

State hemp regulations approved

The Farm Bill is near to passing and federally legalizing industrial hemp, which can be used as a legally distinct-from-cannabis source for CBD.

Alibi V.27 No.49 • Dec 6-12, 2018

Police Oversight Plan Progresses

Harness re-appointed, Ginger positive and more APD buzz

Civilian police oversight is a difficult task at best and for the better half of 2018 the agency and the board have been struggling to keep up.


Last Minute Gift Guide 2018

Get your gift on

Our holiday gift-giving season strategy is simple: stick to your part of town. Albuquerque is full of cool and interesting shops, stores, galleries, etc. that are filled with unique gift options. No need to race all over Burque wasting time and gas looking for that last-minute gift when you can stick to your own backyard.


ABQ Guitarworks, Archery Shoppe and Animal Humane Thrift Shop have gifts for Midtown shoppers.

Nob Hill

Color Wheel Toys and Stranger Factory have gifts for Nob Hill shoppers.

North Valley

North Valley Emporium and Nomades have gifts for North Valley shoppers.

Northeast Heights

Now We're Cooking and Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium have gifts for Northeast Heights shoppers.


Land Bridges

Land art students forge connections between species, places, people

An eight-week experience in land art of the American West brought artists to different sites throughout the Southwest, including the headwaters of the Rio Grande, the Taos Gorge, the Greater Chaco region and the border region between Arizona and Mexico.

The Cat is Back

Snagglepuss brings realness to a cartoon staple

It seems an unlikely platform, but author Mark Russell chooses McCarthyism as the backdrop for his 2018 re-invention of Saturday morning cartoon staple, Snagglepuss.

Found Objects

Another year, another Ugly Sweater Revue and another UNM Print Club's print sale. Also this week: Attachment Theory and Coffee + Creatives “unconference.”


Hosho Dreams of Sushi

Shogun delivers quality sushi and serene vibes

Shogun has become part of the city's dining DNA, an Albuquerque institution. Any time you and yours have a hankerin' for Japanese, the consistent quality and vibrant central location make it hard to beat.

Turn Left for Great Drinks

Spirits, brews and snacks at Left Turn Distilling

Left Turn Distilling is a haven of very pointedly New Mexican liquors and ciders that doesn’t typically get mentioned in the guidebooks.

Applications Open for Grow the Growers

Farm incubator in the South Valley accepting newbies

Grow the Growers is a farm training and business incubator program unique in that it doesn’t rely on any federal funding, and it offers land and water at very reasonable rates to the interns who complete the first year of the program.


A Globe of Good Gifts

A reprieve from the cold and Keller’s priorities outlined

Like the people that utilize them, the shanty-towns of Albuquerque are everywhere and nowhere at once: ghostly yet omnipresent.


Last week the Public Education Department released grades for teacher preparation programs; Former Taxation and Revenue Department Secretary Demesia Padilla has pleaded not guilty to charges of embezzlement and corruption; Environment Department has accused Los Alamos National Laboratory of violating its hazardous waste permit.

Abbas Wins District 20

Democrat’s election is certified by the state

Another part of the progressive puzzle falls into place as Abbas is the certified winner in District 20.


Maria By Callas

“Temperamental” diva defends her controversial life in deeply personal documentary

Maria By Callas attempts to illuminate the singer’s controversial life and career, relying entirely on the words of the diva herself to set the stage.

Winter Wonderland

See Warren Miller’s Face of Winter or Adrift. A TV show wants a co-host and the New Mexico Film Office wants volunteer interns.

The Nuttiest Nightmare

“The Shivering Truth” on Cartoon Network

“The Shivering Truth” is a work of pure, demented genius and one of the most original shows you’re likely to experience this time of year and you definitely won’t be thinking about Frosty the Snowman.


Gigs as Gift Guide

What concerts are under your tree?

Concerts as a sort of giftage during the holiday season means a lot to unwrap.


News on the Green

Mexico may be on the path to legalization, and a new study shows that vaping cannabis can result in a higher psychoactive reaction than smoking.