Alibi V.28 No.9 • Feb 28-March 6, 2019

Burque vs. Plastic

Proposed ban expensive, but may save Earth

Toss that straw and it could add to the at least 8 million pieces of plastic added daily to the oceans, contributing to an estimated 269,000 tons of mini, micro, small and large clumps of plastics filling up our oceans. While we are not an ocean community, our fragile desert landscape is filling up with plastics just as fast. But do paper containers or bags work well for transporting liquid red or green chile?


The Point of Safe Return

An update on governance in New Mexico

With two weeks left at this year’s state legislative session, Weekly Alibi provides an update on the bills that we ranted about at the end of last month.


Former UNM athletic director Paul Krebs appears to face fraud charges; Governor and Metro Court Chief Judge tell ICE to stop arresting people in courthouse; Cannon Air Force Base contaminates dairy cows.

Odds & Ends

Funny because a booby trap set by "a genius, like Stewie" scares someone else.


American People Are Not Stupid!

The readers write about not being stupid, cringy videos and Obama not being the Messiah.


Never Look Away

German director examines the war of art

As an Oscar-nominated epic conflating art and history, Never Look Away is impressive in size and scope, but shortcuts keep this film from being a penetrating, nuanced work.

Work Hard, Play Hard

This week in Albuquerque you should see two PBS “¡COLORES!” documentaries or 9 to 5 on a big screen. Up in Santa Fe there's The Providers and the “NMFF Indie Screening."

Live and Let Spy

“Whiskey Cavalier” on ABC

"Whiskey Cavalier" is exactly what you’d get if you crammed a bunch of “Moonlighting” scripts and a couple of Roger Moore era James Bond movies into a blender and filmed the slurry that plopped out after a quick purée.


Show Mining

If the sweat pours out, just shout

This week you should listen to John 5, Dust City Opera, Lone Piñon, Kikagaku Moyo and, of course, go to Carnaval Latino 2019.

Animating The Beatles

Ron Campbell draws pop culture

Roll up for the Ron Campbell Exhibit next week at Weem’s; it’ll be gear!


The Secret Painter

Vicente Telles grapples with growing fame

When you call Vicente Telles an artist, he seems surprised that anyone would place this word upon him, even though he makes a good living doing nothing but painting.

A Brilliant Burque Ballet

Ballet Rep Shines in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Ballet Repertory Theatre of New Mexico is once again staging the full-length classical ballet A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the KiMo Theatre, and you gotta see it.

Jenn Meditation

Poet Jennifer Givhan writes us a thing

When you’re writing about a writer as deft and decorated as Albuquerque’s Jennifer Givhan, the most sensible thing to do is to throw 10 ingredient words at her, and ask her to cook you something to put in the paper.


Where the Neighborhood Goes for Dinner

The Shop turns into nightshift on Friday and Saturday nights

There is something unshakably punk and unpretentious about The Shop’s demeanor, despite all the critical praise and popularity, and they've pared down their menu to nothing but the greatest hits. And then on Friday and Saturday nights, The Shop becomes nightshift …

Thirty-One Years of Heat

Fiery Foods Show founder Dave Dewitt on the spiciest show on Earth

Over 30 years ago after covering a chile pepper festival in the Las Cruces area, Dave Dewitt realized he had the skills and the connections to make a spicy foods trade show happen: Fiery Foods.

Essential Habañero Hot Sauce

A chile pepper concoction for you to make at home

Dave Dewitt, the founder of the Fiery Foods Show, was kind enough to share one of his many hot sauce recipes with Alibi readers.


Cannabis in the Roundhouse

Marijuana legislation in N.M.

The Roundhouse is splitting at the seams with cannabis-related Legislature this year. Count them: 13 bills are on the table relating to marijuana or hemp. Let's take a run at the most pertinent pieces of legislation.

News on the Green

UNM researchers mine data from a symptom relief-tracking app for cannabis users; and, by the way, don’t expect a nationwide cannabis brand.

Alibi V.28 No.8 • Feb 21-27, 2019

Oscars 2019 Pull-Out Ballot

Here’s your complete listing of all the films nominated in this year’s Academy Awards. To assist you in your office betting pool, we’ve also included the top awards already nabbed by the night’s top eight categories.


Award Seasoning

The lowlights of this year’s Oscars

The Academy Awards are no stranger to controversy. As always, there was plenty of kerfuffle leading up to this Sunday’s telecast.

Building the Cannatopia

RSVP to Weekly Alibi’s New Mexico Cannabis Expo

Since New Mexico legalized medical cannabis back in 2007, the Earth has circled the Sun a dozen times. Amid those revolutions, the sociocultural acceptance of using cannabis and derived cannabinoids—think THC, CBD and CBN—as legitimate medication has gained significant ground here in The Land of Enchantment. And, with the 2018 US Farm Bill’s passage, the licensed cultivation of hemp in New Mexico is now ostensibly legal.


This is Not an Emergency

State sues over Trump’s power grab

In an effort to check the power of an absurd and dangerous president, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham along with Attorney General Hector Balderas led New Mexicans in joining 16 states that filed suit to block the Trump administration’s unconstitutional use of emergency powers to fund a border wall.


Armed security guards are training to patrol campuses; Rio Grande Foundation disagrees with APS about how much money thay have; AG Balderas readies for battle with Texas over Rio Grande water.

The Valid Contrarian

Jeff Apodaca dishes on issues including education and taxes

Weekly Alibi spent a snowy morning chatting with Jeff Apodaca about the issues.


Experiencing Lindy Vision

The world regarded glamorously, with a groove

We interview Lindy Vision in preparation for their upcoming album release at Meow Wolf.

Better, Better, Bobcats

The word, I finally heard

Here are this week’s maelstroms of meaning, lurking, as they may well be, in the dark but admittedly fecund existential pool of uncertainty.


Young and Restless

Verdes battles birthday blues

Shoki provides Joshua Lee with immediate relief from pains in his back and hands, along with a significant boost in mood. Then Rare Dream makes him a giggly mess without anxiety, standing on his feet too.


Red Carpet Countdown

The Oscars on ABC

Believe it or not, you can start your Oscar binge seven hours before the official telecast.


Albee Damned (Good)

Local actresses dish on their roles in Pulitzer-winning play

We chat with the cast of the Pulitzer-winning play, Three Tall Women.

Poetry Out Loud

ABQ local teens compete in nationwide poetry competition

Unlike slam poetry, Poetry Out Loud asks students to select existing works from an anthology of 900 poems edited by The Poetry Foundation. The focus of the competition is performance, not composition.

Found Objects

See the dance of Forefront, the comedy of Kevin Kennedy and a talk about The Other Slavery.


Carri Phillis’ New Nightlife Concept

Bring all your boys to the Salt Yard. And all your other people, too.

Albuquerque nightlife doyenne Carri Phillis has done it again bringing a new concept to the city’s bar scene with The Salt Yard.

On the Right Track

Tasting brews with Sidetrack

It remains to be seen if the Duke City can support all of these burgeoning microbreweries, but there is no doubt that Sidetrack Brewing Company has put down roots in the Downtown business scene, with a devoted neighborhood clientele and owners that are dedicated to their work.

Alibi V.28 No.7 • Feb 14-20, 2019

Master of Concerts!

Dedicated to how I’m rocking you

Becoming a master of anything means practice and dedication, a thing listeners can achieve, then, by attending show after mind-blowing show.


Best of Burque Music 2019 Voting Is Underway

Nominations are in, vote daily until Feb. 27

Yes, music fans, the Third Annual Best of Burque Music Showcase is upon us. Nominations closed Feb. 8 and voting is now open through Feb. 27, 2019 at midnight. This is step two of a process that culminates in a fabulous performance event on March 30.

Let there be rock! Let there be country-Western! Let there be EDM! Let there be folk/Americana! Let there be votes in all categories!


Paying For Success

Financing dominates debate

Who is going to pay for maintenance improvement and, indeed, a complete re-envisioning of our state’s public education system?

Never Known Questions

City residents look toward solutions

ART buses ordered; LEAD aims to replace incarceration with services and treatment; sick leave legislation introduced to City Council; governor appoints new UNM regents.


Governor ordered National Guard troops deployed at southern border to withdraw; Feds announced they won't sell oil and gas leases near Chaco Culture National Historical Park until further analysis; State programs that help homeless received a boost in funds.

Odds & Ends

Funny because being born without being asked happens to someone else.


KlezmerQuerque is Here

A little dancing never hurts!

KlezmerQuerque is an opportunity to hear some of Burque’s most accomplished folk musicians as they jam to a form of music that is ancient, arcane and awesomely fun to experience.


Don’t Wait Until Next Valentine’s Day

Restaurant Antiquity makes any night of the year a great date night

There is nothing shiny or trendy about the way Antiquity looks. It’s all original unpolished wood, a warm fire and simplicity, a testament to things that endure for the right reasons. Which makes it such a wonderful place to take somebody you care about, and not just on Valentine’s or your anniversary or when one of you lands a promotion.


Tito and the Birds

Brazilian cartoon paints a dark picture

Adults will certainly appreciate Tito and the Birds' visual brio—which reads like a children’s bedtime story run through a Museum of Modern Art nightmare machine.

Love Story

Go to Soft Focus Screenings, see Awakening in Taos: The Mabel Dodge Luhan Story, or Sleepless in Seattle on a giant screen. And submit your film for the first funny fest.

Mysterious Ways

“Miracle Workers” on TBS

Appropriately—given the setting—“Miracle Workers” ends up finding empathetic, energetic satire in odd places.


Bliss and Makeup

Local makeup artist soars in film industry

We talk to Ashlynne Padilla about her makeup work in TV and film.

Yoga Versus PTSD

Matt Hinojos teaches yoga to heal fellow veterans

After prescription drugs failed to treat his war-related PTSD, Matt Hinojos found yoga. Now he teaches it here in Albuquerque.

Haunting City Portraits

Poet and photographer team up for book and exhibit

We Are Neighbors is a new collection of poems and photos from poet Hakim Bellamy and civil designer/photographer Justin Thor Simenson, both of Albuquerque.

Love with Louie

A chat with comedian Louie Anderson

Louie Anderson reminds us of what's really important: telling the people close to you how much you care, doing the things that make you happy and being your kindest self. He’s also hilarious and he took to the time to call in and chat with us.


Climate Change

Welcome to the cannabis Twilight Zone

Recreational legalization bill endangered in Senate; various governments banning CBD edibles.