Alibi V.28 No.15 • April 11-17, 2019


The Last Gun Show

Changing laws and culture to limit access

New Mexico has a joined rarefied group, becoming the 20th state to require background checks for private gun sales and the surrender of weapons by domestic abusers.

With the Asylum Seekers

On humanity, mercy and maybe even justice

Refugees turned themselves in at the border near El Paso, seeking asylum. Between days of poor conditions in custody and their immigration court date, Albuquerque Interfaith helps them find temporary relief.


Valerie Plame considering running for the US Senate in New Mexico; Lujan Grisham names Tim Johnson for New Mexico State Police Chief; New Mexico State University Board of Regents approved a 6 percent tuition increase.


Missing Link

Animated adventure looks to the classics for inspiration

Lovingly rendered, swiftly paced and tenderhearted to a fault, Missing Link is an entertaining comic adventure for audiences of all ages.


This week there's Experiments in Cinema v14.2, The Climate Disruption Film Festival and Some Like It Hot.

Blind Ambition

“In the Dark” on The CW

"In the Dark" has no lack of talent, but is too desperate to mash up disparate genres and to impress us with its dark humor and prickly characters.



Nina’s Story

Ananke by Viola Arduini

Ananke is an intertwined work in three parts. The first is the bacteria with Nina's story inserted using CRISPR. The second is the photographs that offer physical evidence. The third is the soundscape of the p53 gene translated into music.

The Inescapable Story of One in Two

Playwright shines light on Indian Country sexual violence in 1N2IAN

Weekly Alibi sat down with playwright Jay B. Muskett to talk about 1N2IAN, a play to tell the tale and raise awareness of the fact that over 50 percent of Native women have experienced sexual abuse.

Found Objects

This week, there's Icons and Symbols of the Borderlands, The Symphony of Sleep: Sleep and the Brain, the UnAmerican Comedy Show, John Mulvany: All Things are: Impermanent Imperfect Incomplete and Free Range Art: Creativity Without Limits.


Nexus Blue: King of Barbeque

You don’t find local barbeque like this often.

You absolutely have to check Nexus Blue Smokehouse out. Good barbeque is easy, but great barbeque proves a far rarer find.

Healing Food

An Hy Quan fills 505 niche

Dan Pennington didn't know vegan food could be this good.

Boozy Brunch

Frenchish and Marble Brewery jointly celebrate their birthdays and Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro has their Brunch Prix Fixe Tasting Menu Event. More variety is coming to Isotopes Park and CBD and cannabis-infused dishes are the next big trend.


Getting Along

STATES bill and bipartisanship

New Mexico decriminalized possession of marijuana and a bipartisan group of lawmakers reintroduced a bill into the House and Senate that would protect the cannabis industry in states where it's been legalized. Joshua Lee finds Back to the Future perfect for those suffering from pain, inflammation or sleeplessness.

News on the Green

What are the implications of SB 406 for inmates of New Mexico jails and prisons? And what did Attorney General William Barr say about states’ rights this week?

Alibi V.28 No.14 • April 4-10, 2019

Basketball, Bullets and Alvarado

Commission provides reasoned leadership

During the unpredictable month of March, Bernalillo County Commissioners put the ink to a $45 million renovation of their new digs, honored some top-notch high school basketball players and stayed strong and silent on the backlash against statewide firearm background check legislation.


Best of Burque 2019 Voting Is Underway!

Phase Two runs through April 10

Yes, sports fans, the final round of Best of Burque has begun! Cast your votes March 27 through April 10 up to once per day to push your choices to the top of the polls. It’s the one time when “vote early and vote often” can lead to victory instead of a prison term, so pump up the volume and make that social media diaspora happen. Free the butterflies of promotion and let them migrate to potential voters far and wide. Or something like that. Behold, we give you the Best of Burque 2019 Reader’s Choice Ballot!


Methane Goes Boom!

Profitable wells equal global warming

On a late March weekend, State Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard headed out to the Permian Basin to visit oil wells on state trust lands. Not one facility visited didn’t have visible (with a FLIR camera) emissions pouring out from pipes or seeping out of valves.


PED will remove "More Rigorous Intervention” designation from four of the state's schools; Aztec City Commission meeting to decide if the town should become a second amendment “sanctuary” became so heated that police ended it early; Albuquerque Open Space Division acquired 38 acres of protected land.


PFAs: Smoke ’Em If You’ve Got ’Em

A reader writes about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.


SuperGiant Status

The Tree of Life beckons band

Weekly Alibi has a conversation with Burque band SuperGiant.


The Myth of the Prairie Fisher King

The American Midwest and Chelsea Darter

In the American Midwest, things have changed. Chelsea Darter grew up there and is now looking through her lens at little pieces of what is recognizable, and much that has turned into something less. Is it a broken landscape undergoing economic decay and political contraction, or a wounded king barely doing his once noble job?

Grotesque Change in Seventies Splendor

Arts Hub Presents Sonder: Transformations

Transformation is something of an uber-theme at Arts Hub, with an end goal of building community and a process for now of producing shows like Sonder: Transformations that are unlike those commonly found in New Mexico.

Reverse Orientation

This week there's The Flick, Kukani (Red) Paintings on the Wall, Burque Revolt Poetry Slam LAST Chance SLAM and Sale of the Bowls for Soup is Love Project.


Ash Is Purest White

Chinese gangster saga evolves with its country’s economic history

Minimalist in nature and almost documentary-like in its visuals, Ash Is Purest White is a surprisingly light and engaging journey—one that evolves from revamped gangster film to contemplative character story to quietly observational look at modernity and the various discontents that come with it.

Poetry in Motion

This week, there are poetry-themed “¡Colores!” documentaries, American Graffiti on the big screen, “The Power of Story: Storytellers Game Show” and training for working in films' art departments.

Booze and Cheers

“Abby’s” on NBC

“Abby’s” tries to wed old school sitcom structure with edgy content, but the humor is just too mild to qualify as “edgy” or particularly “funny.”


Celtic Cuisine With A Side Of History

Eric McBride is well-known for a reason

Dan Pennington attends a NM Renaissance Celtic Festival masquerade ball fundraiser and enjoys a full four-course traditional Celtic meal made by chef Eric McBride.

Burque Block Party

Coming up, there's the Taste of Nob Hill, 505 Food Fight, Hempowered Pineapple Gose limited release and possible market interference which would result in higher prices on fruits and veggies.



Drugstores Plan to Carry CBD

CVS and Walgreens want to start carrying hemp-derived CBD products on their shelves; New Mexico will add opioid use disorder to qualifying conditions for medical cannabis; Dreamin' OG makes Joshua Lee's aches and pains a distant memory at the cost of focus.

News on the Green

Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham signs House Bill 581, aka the Hemp Manufacturing Act, into law and outgoing FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb issues an updated statement on the agency’s position on CBD.

Alibi V.28 No.13 • March 28-April 3, 2019


Best of Burque Music Showcase features nominees and winners Sat. 3/30

BoBM 2019 results show diversity, depth and dedication

At the end of the race, it was clear that music rules this town and this year, the rock, jazz, art music, Latinx, Americana, electronica, and hip-hop communities—as well as many others, although we didn’t hear much from many ukulele enthusiasts, dang it—came together, creating a wide-ranging spread that you all can check out for realz when we present our Best of Burque Music Showcase this weekend, March 30 in downtown Albuquerque starting at 6:30pm.

Best of the Best

Players and bands in this town are known for their prowess and musicality, even far from our town’s ostensible borders. This year our readers contributed to that historical conversation.

Individual Performers

Whether ripping out massive riffs on the guitar, writing epic symphonies or vocalizing all angelic or demonic, this town has a profoundly rich community in tune with that thing called chops. Here’s a list of folks our readers say hold the key to that interactive process.


As Far as I Can Tell

Talking with Robyn Hitchcock

Weekly Alibi shares a very interesting encounter with legendary psych rocker Robyn Hitchcock.


Function Follows Form

The challenge of Adaptive Biomedical Design

Weekly Alibi sat down with Heather Canavan to talk about her work and her team’s Adaptive Design Challenge.

The Art of the Living Flower

Annual Hanami Celebration and Ichiyo Ikebana Exhibition

Albuquerque has flowers, and this weekend offers the opportunity to take them in with two art forms that reflect the temporary nature of blossoming beauty.

Found Objects

This week, check out Pieces of Yellow, World Storytelling Day, “Goya’s Sketch Books – Folly and Fantasy” and Tell Me Your Secrets: Burque Poets.


Try, Try Again

Recreational back in 2020

Legalization in New Mexico may return in 2020, cannabis linked to psychotic episodes, Republicans block banking bill and Josh quells anxiety with Orange Blossom Special.


The Council and the Police

Ordinance governs oversight board

Maybe it was the planet Mercury going retrograde that inspired one citizen to sing for the Albuquerque City Council during its special meeting to discuss amendments and hear public input on updating the Civilian Police Oversight Ordinance.

UNM Faculty Organizing

Unions give workers a needed voice

Weekly Alibi met with associate professor Matías Fontenla, one of the UNM professors responsible for organizing his cohorts and calling for union representation.


Environment Department issued a notice of violation to oil and gas giant Hilcorp Energy Company; Plans for a Rail Runner spur line have upset some North Edith area residents; Democratic legislator from Silver City said women who want abortions shouldn't have gotten pregnant in the first place.

Odds & Ends

Funny because being recalled and then winning your reelection on the same day happens to someone else.


Abolish the Appendix

The readers write about the Electoral College.


Hotel Mumbai

Well-packaged drama chronicles real-world horrors

Hotel Mumbai has the ensemble cast structure of an epic disaster movie and the disturbing visceral impact of a horror flick, but it leavens that with a white-knuckle narrative intensity and a respect for real-world events.

With the Assist

See The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, take a production assistant training class and take on the western film themed “Official State Ornament” Design Contest.

Send in the Rock Clowns

The Dirt on Netflix

The Dirt is the Animal House of hair metal with an extra helping of disaster. To ask this made-for-TV movie not to be vapid is like asking a skin flick not to be pornographic.


Down the Rabbit Hole of Mixology

The first thing about Founders is this: no password, no entry. The speakeasy concept is in full swing here. No signage, no obvious hidden door, no indication you’re standing over a bar full of people while you’re inside El Rey Liquors.

A Taste Of South America

Tip your glass this week at a South American Wine Tasting, Sausage Smoke & Cajun Boil and Vara Winery's brunch celebration.