Alibi V.25 No.19 • May 12-18, 2016 
Free Leonard Peltier

Culture Shock

Leonard Peltier’s Last Chance for Freedom

Gregg Deal's visual activism is indicative of the power of art

Gregg Deal questions the status quo with art that is simple, direct and impossible to ignore.
Caroline Patz
Bob Jesser

Theater Review

Forget Love, Juliet Wants Life

The women of Shakespeare question their maker

Just as she unsheathes her dagger and prepares to kill herself there is a full pause. Juliet wants to live.
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Image via Pixabay


No Sex For You

Lysistrata: A Woman's Perspective

This is the story of women standing up to powerful men for what they believe in and taking control of a situation that is simply unacceptable.
Image courtesy of Bidewell Photography


The More Miraculous the Berry …

Miraculum: Felicia Davis Concepts

Runs through 02/28/19.