Alibi V.29 No.16 • April 16-22, 2020 

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Love in the Time of Coronavirus

New Mexicans have been smart enough not to lose their minds and blow out the state's marijuana supply. If only the toilet paper hoarders were as conscientious as the weed smokers. But COVID-19 is still changing the way we consume cannabis.

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Cannabis in the Roundhouse

Small wins, big losses in the 2020 session

Most of the cannabis bills that were considered during this year's legislative session faced an almost completely disengaged media audience, overshadowed as they were by the almost nervous excitement surrounding the doomed recreational marijuana legalization bill. That's probably why most of them failed to lift off the ground.
Cherry O’s

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Spring Fruit

The groundhog may have missed his shadow this year, but self-quarantines and state emergencies have thrown a kink in our plans to celebrate an early spring. With a tense and fear-fueled winter behind us, we're turning to the healing powers of cannabis this spring to warm our hearts and thaw our spirits.

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Tarry Wisdom

What is Rick Simpson oil?

You've talked about it. You've wondered about it. You've considered it. But you haven't been able to work up the nerve to try Rick Simpson oil (RSO)—the black tar in a syringe they keep at the far end of the dispensary counter.
Cannabis on Earth

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Cannabis on Earth, Part One

An Ancient History Revealed

The history of cannabis on the planet earth is a simple one, really. It all starts with the cultivation of a medicinal herb whose healing properties regaled the ancients.
hash eateres

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Hash Eaters

How cannabis helped form the legend of the Assassins

It's not too often that a mystical sect from the Middle Ages snags the attention of modern audiences, but when you're group's name is said to translate to “hash eaters,” you can expect to turn a few heads.

Cannabis Manual

The Big Disappoint

Why the legalization bill failed

We're knee-deep into the 21st century, and we're still getting shafted in an area that should have been fixed decades ago. Cannabis is still illegal.

News on the Green

COVID-19 is Torching the Bowl

Cannabis Legalization Efforts Crushed by Novel Coronavirus

2020 was supposed to be a groundbreaking year in cannabis legalization throughout the country, and now these efforts are all but torched for the foreseeable future. The novel coronavirus has swept across the nation state by state, and it has damaged legalization efforts on every level.
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