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Friday, December 7


Learn how to move to the music with a partner. Our informal classes introduce you to lead and follow couples dancing so that you can feel comfortable and be creative. We work with cross step waltz, a form of waltz that incorporates swing, tango, jazz, salsa and many other dances. Regular class series and Friday night practice and open dancing. We ask only a small fee to cover our room rental. We welcome complete beginners, as well as experienced dancers wanting to expand their improvisational repertoire. Contact us for details or visit [link] [email reply]
Tuesday, November 13


Clarifying Meditative Work – A Fresh Look. Sat., Dec. 8, 2-5 pm. A workshop for people from any meditation traditions or no tradition at all, as well as for people interested in teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Pema Chodron, Toni Packer, Nhat Hanh, Byron Katie and Krishnamurti. We meet 2 to 3:45, and then continue to 5 pm, for those who want to stay, at the Wat Center,145 Madison NE, corner of Madison and Copper, east of Washington in Albuquerque. We’ll explore directly what meditative work is and how it sheds light on the concerns of our lives, not theoretically, but from a simple, direct meditative listening. Sitting and discussion. $2 donation.Facilitated by Jay Cutts. Jay has attended retreats with Toni Packer for over 40 years and meets from time to time with people from varying backgrounds to clarify meditative work together. We will also meet monthly. Seven day retreat late June. Reservations, info, 281-0684. [email reply]