Alibi V.13 No.17 • April 22-28, 2004 
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Spring is Officially in the Air!

Alibi Spring Crawl 2004

OK, maybe it's not South By Southwest or Coachella, but it is unquestionably the best thing that's ever happened—and continues to happen—to the Albuquerque music scene. It also provides Downtown businesses with two of their best nights of the year in terms of pure revenue. I'm writing, of course, about the Alibi Crawl Series, the twice-yearly events we've been presenting faithfully and to larger and larger audiences since our inaugural Fall Crawl in August of 1999. The story actually begins years earlier, in 1994, when the popular opinion, even among the Downtown club and other business owners that were pitched on the idea originally, was that such an event was an impossibility in Albuquerque. But suffice it to say that after nine successful Crawls, the impossible has become a reality the entire community expects to take place every April and August. And even in our wildest dreams, we didn't begin to imagine that, in addition to hundreds upon hundreds of bands and solo artists, the Crawls would be embraced and enjoyed by such a diverse cross section of Burque dwellers. Folks that once avoided Downtown like a plague now visit at least twice a year. Businesses that used to approach Crawl nights by skeptically closing up shop and going home now extend their hours and invite the 12,000 or so attendees who come to each of the Crawls to listen, eat and spend their money on all the goods and services Downtown—quite suddenly—has to offer. As we wrap up the final preparations for Alibi Spring Crawl 2004, the 10th event in our series, we'd like to offer heartfelt kudos to everyone—bands, businesses, venues, sponsors, local media, city officials and the great crowds—for helping turn these events into the fantastic entertainment spectacles they've become.

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Crawl Band Profiles

Band Profiles

Alibi Spring Crawl 2004 Highlights

Past attempts to summarize the sound of every single band participating in the Crawl in one sentence proved a dismal failure. Some bands inevitably felt slighted, others were pissed that our descriptions didn't match their own delusions of adequacy. So we decided to write more extensively on performers we consider to be just a few of the many highlights of this year's Alibi Spring Crawl. If you or your band are profiled herein and are still unhappy with the description, buy an ad, you malcontent, and tell us all what you think you sound like. Call John Hankinson at 346-0660 ext. 265 to reserve your ad space today!

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Crawl Chow

From burgers to burritos bigger than a baby's arm

Seven reasons why we bother listing places to eat when this is supposed to be about music: 1) Ya gotta eat. 2) You might as well eat Downtown since you're going down there anyway. 3) If you plan to eat early in the evening, then you won't be reduced to getting patted down and wanded at the door of Frontier at 3 a.m. 4) Eating before drinking will help keep your energy level up for all the "woo-hoo"-ing and fist-pumping you'll be doing later. 5) It'll also help keep you from barfing. 6) Barfing is what we call "conduct unbecoming of a lady." 7) Also, nobody wants to make out with a guy who just blew chunks all over his shoes.

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Crawl Feature

What You Like About Them

The Romantics: Godfathers of Garage Pop

Back in the mid-'70s, a New York band called KISS distinguished Michigan's largest metropolis from all the other cities in the country by dubbing what had formerly been known as the "Motor City"—the automobile capitol of the world at the time—then "Motown,"—the birthplace of modern soul—as something altogether different and infinitely more memorable: "Detroit: Rock City." And rock it did. From Iggy and the Stooges and the MC5 to George Clinton, Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper, Detroit in the '60s and '70s produced some of the most influential and enduring American rock 'n' roll music and personalities since Elvis first shook his ass on a Memphis stage. And on Valentine's Day, 1977, four more of those personalities making that kind of music formed, one must assume, in some suburban Detroit garage: the Romantics, among the finest power pop bands ever catapulted on the scene from either side of the Atlantic, were born.

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Crawl Band Schedule

1. Sunshine Theater (ALL AGES)

8:00 o Anesthesia

9:00 o Falling Process

10:00 o ATG

11:00 o A Summer Ends

12:00 o Phunk Junkeez

2. Moonlight Lounge (21 and over)

DJ NTox and DJ TAG open and spin segues

8:00 o Epidemik

9:00 o Nuthin' 2 Lose

10:00 o Live Fire Regime

10:45 o Snake Eyes

11:45 o Speed One & Cheops

12:45 o Michael Prophet

3. La Posada Hotel (ALL AGES)

7:00 o Rachel Heisler

7:30 o Paul Salazar

8:00 o Jenny Gamble

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