Alibi V.15 No.49 • Dec 7-13, 2006 
From left to right: Tweeti and Linn Blancett with Chris and Kay Velasquez


An Altered Land

The quest for coal bed methane consumes both a New Mexican landscape and a way of life that depends on it

Welcome to Aztec

6378 Friendly People &

6 Old Soreheads

The sign at the edge of town makes you wonder what a sorehead up in the dry, windblown heart of New Mexico's San Juan basin might be sore about. Other signs that compete for attention along the same mile of highway provide a possible hint: Williams Exploration and Production, Desert Power, Sierra Chemicals, XTO Energy, Underground Specialists, and on they go. A drilling derrick four stories tall looms above the sprawl of pipe and machinery at Aztec Well Servicing. These businesses, being so numerous, must belong to the friendlies.

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