Alibi V.26 No.21 • May 25-31, 2017 
Girl and dog

Day Tripper

Diary of a Desert Wanderer

An adventure through eight N.M. counties

Unearthed from beneath a pile of debris and primeval survival tools was recently found an ancient explorer's journal full of fascinating details of primitive nomadic life.
Leaving the big room
Rini Grammer

Day Tripper

A Hop, Skip and Five Hour Jump

Explore the mystical caves of southern New Mexico

Carlsbad Caverns: “It's like Meow Wolf IRL! 10/10 would recommend.”
J. Grisham

Day Tripper

High Point of Myth

A hike up Mount Taylor

Yé'iitsoh was killed by the twin war gods Born-for-Water and Monster-Slayer on top of Mount Taylor. The lava flow is the hardened remains of his blood.