Alibi V.16 No.39 • Sept 27-Oct 3, 2007 
A shot from the opening night film,   The Bubble   (Fri. 7 p.m.)
Reel World

Reel World

Fri, Sept. 28

7 pm The Bubble Guild Cinema
7 pm Outing Riley UA DeVargas 6
9 pm Opening Night Party TBA
9:30 pm Two Sides of the Bed UA DeVargas 6
9:45 pm A Four Letter Word Guild Cinema

Sat, Sept. 29
12:30 pm Trained in the Ways of Men UA DeVargas 6
1 pm In Sickness and In Health Guild Cinema
1 pm Two Homelands: Cuba and the Night SWFC
2:45 pm Vivere UA DeVargas 6
3 pm Another Woman Guild Cinema
3 pm Red Without Blue SWFC
4:45 pm Spider Lillies UA DeVargas 6
5 pm Finn's Girl SWFC
5:15 pm A Four Letter Word Guild Cinema
7 pm Glue SWFC
7 pm Holding Trevor UA DeVargas 6
7 pm Save Me KiMo Theater
7:15 pm Triple X Selects: The Best of Lezsploitation Guild Cinema
9 pm Save Me After Party The District
9:15 pm No Regret SWFC
9:15 pm The Witnesses UA DeVargas 6
9:30 pm DarkBlueAlmostBlack Guild Cinema
12 am Xanadu Guild Cinema

Sun, Sept. 30
10:30 am Queer Brunch Zinc Bistro
12:15 pm The Kiss UA DeVargas 6
1 pm We're All Angels SWFC
1 pm Youth Shorts Guild Cinema
2 pm Girls Shorts UA DeVargas 6
2:45 pm Foreign Bodies Guild Cinema
3 pm Water Flowing Together SWFC
4 pm Women of the World UA DeVargas 6
4:45 pm Bears Guild Cinema
4:45 pm Shelter Me SWFC
6 pm Dare to be Bear Sidewinders
6:30 pm Nina's Heavenly Delights UA DeVargas 6
6:45 pm Two Sides of the Bed Guild Cinema
7 pm Outing Riley SWFC
8:45 pm Tick Tock Lullaby UA DeVargas 6
9 pm Holding Trevor Guild Cinema
9 pm Surveillance SWFC

Mon, Oct. 1

5 pm Vivere Guild Cinema
7 pm Where the Boys Are Guild Cinema
9:15 pm The Witnesses Guild Cinema

Tue, Oct. 2

5 pm Women of the World Guild Cinema
7:15 pm Girls Shorts Guild Cinema
9:15 pm Nina's Heavenly Delights Guild Cinema

Wed, Oct. 3

5 pm Tick Tock Lullaby Guild Cinema
6:45 pm The Picture of Dorian Gray Guild Cinema
7:30 pm Itty Bitty Titty Committee UA Highridge
8 pm Itty Bitty Titty After Party Martini Grille
9 pm DarkBlueAlmostBlack Guild Cinema

Thu, Oct. 4

5 pm Spider Lillies Guild Cinema
7:30 pm Shelter Guild Cinema
9 pm Closing Night Party Laru Ni Hati

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A shot from the opening night film,   The Bubble   (Fri. 7 p.m.)

Film Festival Preview

Grown Up Gay

The Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival turns five in grand fashion

“It’s amazing how much we’ve grown,” marvels Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Director Roberto Appicciafoco. The festival he helped found is entering its fifth year, and a glance through the list of films and events for 2007 shows a schedule bursting at the seams. This is both a sign of good, organic growth and an indication that the folks behind the festival are throwing themselves one fabuloso birthday party.

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Idiot Box

Kids First

“Kid Nation” on CBS

The controversial new reality series “Kid Nation” debuted on CBS last week to so-so ratings (second place in the timeslot behind FOX’s “Back to You”) and some speculation that advertisers had shunned the premiere. (The first 38 minutes of the pilot were aired commercial-free, though CBS execs insisted the second episode would have a “regular and full” commercial load.) Brushing aside the idea that the New Mexico Legislature might have delayed the passage of child labor laws in order to accommodate the show’s month-long shoot (a claim that still needs investigating), much of the “children in jeopardy” talk seems to have been in vain.

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Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 27

“Smallville” (KWBQ-19 7 p.m.) Seven seasons and Superman still refuses to wear a costume? At least producers are pumping up the comic book cameos. In tonight’s season opener, villainous alien freak Bizarro drops by for tea and crumpets (which in Bizarro World means “violence and brutality”).

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“  Eh? Eh?   Chair. Butt. Funny stuff, huh?”

Film Review

The Game Plan

Cute kids and quarterback sacks add up to a career killer

Wrestlin' thespian Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could have had a career in film. He's a good-looking fellow. He's charismatic. There's no glaring indication so far that he can't act. With last gen action stars like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis collecting social security, the world needs a new slab of beef to shoot bad guys. The Rock could have been that slab. But, after a handful of mid-range actioners (Doom, Walking Tall, The Rundown), the former WWE star has jumped the shark, skipping big-budget franchise flicks and leaping directly into the sort of cutesy Disney family films that normally signal the end of an actor's career. (See Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams and—shudder—Cuba Gooding, Jr. for reference). Of course, if you loved Vin Diesel (remember him?) in The Pacifier, then The Game Plan is just the thing to make you stand up and cheer.

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