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 Alibi V.17 No.10 • March 6-12, 2008 
“Thanks. I killed it myself.”
Reel World

Reel World

NM Filmmakers Conference

Honestly, it’s an exciting time to be a filmmaker in New Mexico. Even if you aren’t going to be one of the rare few industry pros employed by Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins (shooting in and around Albuquerque this May, June, July and August--get used to it), you’ve still got plenty of opportunities in this town.

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“Thanks. I killed it myself.”

Film Review


Ferrell is reliable as ever in the paint, but can’t hit from 3-point territory

Over the last decade or so, Will Ferrell has dug for himself a very familiar Hollywood niche. In his films, he invariably plays some sort of enthusiastic, well-meaning doofus toiling away in the lower echelons of some random career ladder. Ferrell surrounds himself with a collection of comic compatriots, all of whom add their own improvisational spin to the loose, sketch-comedy shenanigans. Racking up far more in the hit than the miss column, Ferrell’s formula has afforded the former “Saturday Night Live” star a comfortable movie career.

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Video Review


Double Dare (2004)

I’m standing on a soundstage at Albuquerque Studios. In front of me is Gerard Butler (300). To my left is Michael C. Hall (“Dexter”). On either side stand nine of the best stuntmen in the business. I take a deep breath. This is really freaking surreal. I am working as a stuntman on Game, a futuristic action film that took over downtown Albuquerque for several weeks. I’m getting ready to do a stunt called a “deadman.” Basically, I need to run full tilt at Gerard, and the cable strapped to my harness will whip me back when he turns and kicks me. You remember those Warner Bros. cartoons when the dog chases Foghorn Leghorn only to clothesline himself on his leash? Yeah, it’s basically that. When the director calls out “action,” I bolt forward, mindful of the camera tracking alongside me. Gerard turns and kicks, I feel the pull of the cable on my back, and my feet fly into the air in front of me. Everything goes black. I awake seconds later to the applause of the other stuntmen. They ask if I am all right (I didn’t tuck my chin enough; no matter, as I will have to repeat this action about seven more times for proper coverage) and pat me on the back, welcoming me into the brotherhood of stuntmen.

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Idiot Box

Virtually Nothing

“quarterlife” on NBC

Last week came further proof (as if we needed any) that popularity on the Internet does not necessarily translate into popularity in the real world. The web-sensation-turned-TV-show “quarterlife” drew a tepid 3.1 million viewers when it debuted on NBC last Tuesday. It was NBC’s worst performance in the timeslot in nearly 20 years. Which doesn’t bode well for a long and healthy life.

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Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 6

“Crime 360” (A&E 8 p.m.) A&E brings intense detective investigation to life with CGI visualizations, 3D laser scanning and 360-degree photography. Why, it’s just like “CSI”--except slightly believable!

Friday 7

“The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search” (CMT 10 p.m.) I have the same problem with tonight’s third season premiere of “The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search” as I do with the ongoing seasons of “The Ultimate Fighter” over on Spike TV. Ultimate, you see, implies finality. Once you’ve found the “ultimate” slutty waitress or the “ultimate” cage fighter, your job should be over with. You can’t just find a “more ultimate” one six months from now. Of course, if you wanted to combine the two and find “The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Fighter,” that would be different. And damn entertaining.

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