Alibi V.24 No.37 • Sept 10-16, 2015 
Grandma, making biscuits. Nothing creepy about that.

Film Review

The Visit

What’s the twist in M. Night Shyamalan’s new “old people are scary” thriller? ... That it’s a decent film.

M Night Shyamalan teaches us that old people are scary in The Visit.
Dark Matters Film Festival

Reel World

Dark Matters Film Festival scares up some films, Felicia Day visits Santa Fe, silent Soviet cinema gets scored.
Moonbeam City

Idiot Box

Get Dazzled

“Moonbeam City” on Comedy Central

Retro ’80s cop cartoon “Moonbeam City” shoots its way onto Comedy Central.
The Bastard Executioner first look

Week in Sloth

“Longmire” goes to Netflix, “The Mindy Project” goes to Hulu, “Under the Dome” goes away.