Alibi V.27 No.1 • Jan 4-10, 2018 
Ready Player One

Film News

Scanning Our Cinematic Future

What does the 2018 box office have in store?

Gazing into our crystal ball looking for signs of the year to come isn’t all that difficult when it comes to the movie industry. Hollywood has already mapped out the year’s biggest release dates.
Dark Tower

Reel World

Free The Dark Tower screening at the Central & Unser library and submissions are being taken for New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase and the “Let’s Make a Western” grant.
The Chi episode 1

Idiot Box

Good in the Hood

“The Chi” on Showtime

“The Chi” concentrates on the down-and-dirty inner city streets of Chicago, the very ones on which writer-creator-producer Lena Waithe was born and raised.
Mother, May I Dance With Mary Jane's Fist? preview

Week in Sloth

Highlights from around the dial. Except no one has dials anymore.