Alibi V.28 No.4 • Jan 24-30, 2019 
Stan & Ollie

Film Review

Stan & Ollie

Genial showbiz biopic examines aging comics, changing times

Stan & Ollie is a film about passion, about loving what you do so much that you can’t give up on it no matter what happens. There’s a lot of laughter to be found, as well as a tear or two.

Reel World

See The Queen of Spain at NHCC, a “sing-along” Grease screening and The LEGO Movie in 3D at DynaTheater.
Roswell, New Mexico teaser

Idiot Box

Crash Into Me

“Roswell, New Mexico” on The CW

Star-crossed romance, sci-fi thriller, murder mystery: “Roswell, New Mexico” isn’t sure which genre it wants to commit itself to.
The Other Two trailer

Week in Sloth

Highlights from around the dial. Except no one has dials anymore.