Alibi V.12 No.38 • Sept 18-24, 2003 

Food Article

White Trash Party Grub

Who needs hamburger when there's Hamburger Helper?

Trashy food has a certain appeal. It's usually ridiculously salty and/or sweet, takes only seconds to prepare because everything comes out of a can or bag, and lots of the ingredients are of dubious chemical origin. How can you resist? Here are a few favorite recipes for your next backyard hee-haw party.

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Chowtown Restaurant Guide

Whether you’re more familiar with the French Riviera or the French Quarter, there are plenty of places in Albuquerque to get a taste of authentic French cuisine. Read Hosho McCreesh’s review of Le Quiche Parisienne in this issue, and check out these other restaurants in the city that will cater to your wanderlust and make you feel, if only for the evening, that you’re dining in the City of Lights. Bon appetit, mes amis.