Alibi V.28 No.7 • Feb 14-20, 2019 
Robin Babb

Restaurant Review

Don’t Wait Until Next Valentine’s Day

Restaurant Antiquity makes any night of the year a great date night

There is nothing shiny or trendy about the way Antiquity looks. It’s all original unpolished wood, a warm fire and simplicity, a testament to things that endure for the right reasons. Which makes it such a wonderful place to take somebody you care about, and not just on Valentine’s or your anniversary or when one of you lands a promotion.
The MTC team tastes a few Colombian coffees
Christina Hartsock

Drinking with the Pros

When Coffee is a Family Affair

Tasting Columbia with Michael Thomas Coffee

Christina Hartsock joins a cupping with Michael Thomas Coffee's team.

Chowtown Restaurant Guide

Nursing It Back

Little Sir Dan, sat with his hands, aloft over keyboard with a frown. Along came his boss, and with a crumpled note he did toss, asking “Hey, we doing a Chowtown?!”

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