Alibi V.20 No.28 • July 14-20, 2011 

Free Will Astrology

Free Will Astrology for the Week of July 13, 2011

ARIES (March 21-April 19): In the coming days you have permission from the universe to dwell less on what needs to be resisted, protested, flushed out and overcome. Instead you have license to concentrate on what deserves to be fostered, encouraged, bolstered and invited in. Sound like fun? It will be if you can do it, but it may not be as easy to accomplish as it sounds. There are many influences around you that are tempting you to draw your energy from knee-jerk oppositionalism and cynical naysaying. So in order to take full advantage of what life is offering you, you will have to figure out how to rebel in a spirit of joy and celebration.

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