Alibi V.29 No.9 • Feb 27-March 4, 2020
Constant Harmony

Music Feature

A Brother and Two Sisters

Hangin’ with Constant Harmony

Weekly Alibi chats with the siblings of Constant Harmony.
Adam Hooks & His Hangups
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Show Up!

At the Show

To which you better go

False spring is one of the things they call the month of February here in New Mexico, but it’s still winter. At a show, it’s possible to forget all about those things called seasons, false or not. All you have to do is show up.

Sonic Reducer

Sol De La Noche Al Natural · Braided Limb A Rush of Feathers · Gayelor Daugell Great To Meet You

We review albums by Sol De La Noche, Braided Limb and Gayelor Daugell.


Let It All Hang Out

The Commodores • old school funk, motown, soul

True fact: If "Brick House" isn’t one of your favorite songs from the ‘70s, you’re lying to yourself about your love of funk. The Commodores fly into Isleta Resort & Casino Friday, Feb. 28. This 21-and-over show is perfect for fans of funk, or The Commodores and those looking to set the mood just right on a Friday night. You might find it "Easy" to get up and dance with some of their old hits, but there are "No Tricks" about what to expect, giving you a "Natural High" from taking this rewind evening with some classics. To get "Hot On the Tracks" of some $30 to $50 tickets, check out the event at, and in no time, have a couple of great seats In "The Pocket," which is a "Rock Solid" feeling to have.

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It Still Isn't As Good As The Wall

The Black Jacket Symphony Presents: Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon • classic rock

Deep in the throes of a drug-fueled experience, every person has found themselves staring at that iconic cover, knowing, “This is the day I have my moment.” Everyone knows someone who won’t stop talking about the pure genius of The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. Maybe drugs aren’t your thing. Maybe it never clicked for you. Maybe it is your thing and you want a new way to experience it. Perhaps it's time to check out The Black Jacket Symphony presents: Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon