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 Alibi V.19 No.14 • April 8-14, 2010 
Demonstrators make their way around Planned Parenthood during the yearly Good Friday protest.


The Abortion Battle

National tensions put one local clinic on high alert

Jenny Black's day began with red paint poured over the sidewalk and wire hangers strewn about her business' parking lot. Just another Good Friday, she said.

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Nancy Ridenour, dean of UNM’s College of Nursing, had a hand in crafting portions of the nation’s health reform bill.


The Reform Prognosis

How will New Mexicans be affected? An insider explains.

Navigating health reform legislation is no small task. This enormous Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does everything from impose a 10 percent tax on tanning salon services to reworking the country’s massive Medicare program. That’s why the Alibi turned to health policy expert and seasoned clinician Nancy Ridenour, Ph.D., RN. (Read web extras here, and see a list of basic terms defined here.)

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Nancy Ridenour, dean of UNM’s College of Nursing


Expert Weighs in on Health Care Reform

This week, I interviewed Nancy Ridenour, the dean of UNM’s College of Nursing. She worked on Capitol Hill, and she had a hand in crafting portions of the health care reform bill.

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Thin Line

Burning Love: Covering Fire and the People Who Start It

It’s been three years since I started beat reporting, and in that time I suppose I’ve covered 100 fires. Probably more.

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Council Watch

White Out

After 16 years on the job, top City Attorney Bob White is retiring. White, also known as an actor in local theater, served under several mayors. He will be replaced by Rob Perry, who was former Gov. Gary Johnson’s corrections cabinet secretary.

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Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Dateline: Florida—According to the Pensacola News Journal, Google Earth helped a sheriff’s department bust a major litterbug. Deputy Gregory Barnes used satellite images from Google Earth to hunt down the owner of an 18-foot boat which had been dumped in an undeveloped subdivision about 15 miles north of Pensacola. Authorities were able to identify a fuzzy image of the boat in question parked at Dwight Everett Foster’s house. When police questioned him, Foster admitted to dumping the old boat. The police said it would have cost Foster $18 to dispose of the vessel at a local landfill. He now faces a $5,000 fine and up to five years in prison.

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[Re: Opinion, Ortiz y Pino, “Whose Waterloo Was It?” March 25-31] Whose Waterloo was it? It was ours, the American people's Waterloo, freedom's Waterloo, our once great country's Waterloo. America was once a great republic, a shining example of personal freedom in the world, proud and unashamed, and Americans were once independent, freethinking, freedom-thinking, self-reliant, bold, courageous individualists. How did we become a nation of sniveling whiners, demanding whatever we could get from our own countrymen? How did we go from the land of freedom and opportunity to the land of entitlement? We have lost our way and in so doing, have made a mockery of all that our forefathers fought, and died, for. We have undergone a sea-change from being the proud constitutional republic that we once were, to being an oligarchy ruled by a small group of elitist thugs. The only thing “bipartisan” about the health reform bill recently “passed” was the opposition to it; we are not even a democracy as every single credible poll that was taken showed that the vast majority of American people opposed this bill.

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Gessing Again

Memo to Obama: Be Less Like Bush, More Like Clinton

Fighting two costly wars, massively expanding the federal role in health care and adding trillions of dollars to America’s national debt—sounds like President George W. Bush, right? Well, it does describe Bush’s policies, but unfortunately, it also describes President Obama’s track record more than a year into his presidency.

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