Alibi V.27 No.47 • Nov 22-28, 2018 
A recent meeting of the BernCo Commission

County Matters

Assimilate Now, Citizens!

Get in tune with local government here

Bernalillo County Commission put some future jingle in some of our pockets, while the Albuquerque City Council proclaimed support for statewide affordable healthcare for all.

News Commentary

Minutes to Go

ART, progressive people and health insurance

City relaxes ART traffic rules for now; Mayor appoints heads for Technology and Innovation, City Budget Office and early childhood education; it's open enrollment time for insurance.
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News Bite

The Dream Part is Over

ART buses returned to BYD

Vehicles sent back due to safety and performance concerns

News Sidebar

Netflix in Burque

Project Zia is Go

Netflix's takeover of ABQ Studios is expected to bring much revenue to N.M.
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Funny because slipping on a grilled onion happens to someone else.