Alibi V.28 No.19 • May 9-15, 2019 
City Councilors Davis, Jones and Benton

Council Watch

Asylum, Keller, Comcast

Council approves funds, Mayor approves

It was a packed room filled with lovers and a few haters that greeted the Albuquerque City Council at its May 6 regular meeting.
Maria Perez of Common Cause New Mexico

On Assignment

Ranked Choice Voting and Burque

Local Election Act creates options

Under the Local Election Act reforms, city voters no longer have to worry about different dates for nonpartisan municipal elections, November runoffs, school board or water conservation district elections that happen in the middle of February or randomly throughout the year. But perhaps the most important part of this new law involves the implementation of ranked choice voting.
The News Monkey


Judge Heath White has been charged with embezzlement; PED says student test scores will no longer be included as part of annual teacher evaluations; an executive order was signed that protects thousands of acres of state land surrounding the Chaco Culture National Historic Park from oil and gas drilling.
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Funny because all these butt and poop stories are about someone else.