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 Alibi V.28 No.21 • May 23-29, 2019 
An Albuquerque Fireman and rescue equipment

On Assignment

The Commodified Emergency

City’s 2020 budget charges for emergency services

Mayor Keller’s proposed 2020 budget calls for an update to the city’s fire code ordinance, which would institute charges for certain emergency services and the money raised would be used to fund 12 additional firefighter positions.
State Police officers and citizens in our community
Photo by Projekt Visuals


Patterns of Force

On violence and policing in Albuquerque

Mayor Keller met with leaders from all over the state and at all levels and stations of responsibility to discuss plans to bring violence, particularly gun violence, under control in Albuquerque. Among the strategies to be employed: 50 New Mexico State Police officers would be stationed in Albuquerque from various parts of the state.
The News Monkey


PRC won't rehear Facebook transmission line case; Deming City Council voted to declare a state of emergency in response to hundreds of asylum-seekers being dropped off there by US Border Patrol agents; oil and gas advocates Power the Future claims emails concerning renewable energy legislation between environmentalists and a member of the governor's cabinet represent a conflict of interest.
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Funny because being asked to stop French kissing cows happens to someone else.


A reader asks Sanders and Biden to drop out of the presidential race to become unconstrained leaders.
Photos by Gerald Loeb

News on the Green

Sundowner Provides Housing

Rout 66 hotel restored to service

Gone is the corrugated, slate-grey concrete parking lot. Gone are the roaches, rats, bedbugs and other afflictions.

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