Alibi V.28 No.36 • Sept 5-11, 2019 
Robert Blanquera Nelson

On Assignment

An Insurgent Campaign

Nelson battles for District 2

In the heavily contested District 2 race—an electoral contest currently being defined by the work and legacy of Isaac Benton—Blanquera Nelson says he can make a difference by getting more people from the community heard and involved.
BernCo Commissioner Charlene Pyskoty
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County Matters

The Dog Days of BernCo

County Commission meets to govern

The dog days of summer found Bernalillo County government folks making some cool governance moves at recent Bernalillo County Commission meetings.
The News Monkey


Residents gathered at the Sheriff's Office to call for his resignation; New Mexico law settlement terms have been published; Albuquerque will be cleaning up two parks.
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Funny because Diagnosis: Dildo happens to someone else.


The readers write about ineffective opposition to Trump.
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Talk Like a Pirate Day

Learning how to talk like a pirate is way harder than you think. There's a lot more to it than just saying “Arr, matey.” For starters: You have to learn how to walk on a peg leg while wearing an eye patch (unless you are already doing those things for non-pirate reasons). Then you have to learn how to keep grog down (an effort on its own). And you have to do it all while a parrot poops on your shoulder. This Thursday, Sept. 19, join 505 Steampunk: Society of Brass and Steam at O'Neills in the Heights to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day the right way—by dressing silly and saying weird things from 6:30 to 8pm.

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Free Dance

National Dance Day

Enjoy a host of free classes in honor of this day of celebrating the arts.
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Am I Getting a Case of "The Vapers?"

Aki Matsuri 2019

Celebrate the annual fall festival featuring Japanese cultural exhibits, vendors , musical demos, Japanese art, food, beer and sake tastings and more.