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 Alibi V.29 No.14 • April 2-8, 2020 
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Kindness In The Time Of Coronavirus

In the hard times we face, the community has found ways to come together

It’s hard to act like nothing is wrong, and we shouldn’t, but we can remember that human kindness and ingenuity will always come through. We’d like to honor some of the people who have made magic happen during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Council Watch

Here to Serve

Serving the public in new ways

With things slipping into semi-dystopian reality local governments are learning to serve the public in new ways. Here are some links, updates and the ‘what’s up’ from our local governments.

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The Danger of Mainstream Media Infections with Viral and Fake Information

Information is freedom, but false information can be deadly. The free press is one of the prime disseminators of information in the US, and its role is even more important in the time of ingrained social media and the global crisis of the coronavirus. While the world reels from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, mainstream media, from national news outlets to local publications, are vulnerable to infection from viral, false information.
The News Monkey


President has promised to have an Army hospital built in Albuquerque to help battle the COVID-19 outbreak; Authorities are warning that increased use of public spaces could lead to closures; The New Mexico Republican Party has spoken out against proposed universal mail-in balloting procedures to substitute in-person voting.

Isolation Log

Will Dan Pennington come out the other side?
Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Funny because "Fresh Pizza, Oven Baked" happens to someone else.