Alibi V.28 No.24 • June 13-19, 2019

Things Are About to Heat Up

City Council election gathers steam

Weekly Alibi examines and analyzes the City Council candidates receiving public financing in this year’s upcoming municipal election.


A Deafening Silence

Past is future and future is now

Former Mayor Martin Chavez’ belief that a lack of consequences are to blame for the high crime rate—and consequently the show of force—seems simplistic for a man who once led this city into the 21st century.


A plan to store nuclear waste in an interim facility has met resistance from governor; ACLU is calling on authorities to block the construction of a private border wall in Sunland Park; dairy farmers in Bosque are trying to halt plans to run a massive power line across their lands.

Odds & Ends

Funny because being heartlessly denied the use of a communal scrotum dryer happens to someone else.


Val James Is in the House

Multi-instrumentalist reflects on nature, nurture and rocanrol

Weekly Alibi chats with Val James, local blues guitarist singer-songwriter.


Funny Times in Albuquerque

Rusty Rutherford and the Funny Fiesta

Weekly Alibi sat down with Rusty Rutherford, a stand-up standout among the comics in Albuquerque as well as a comedy booster, to talk about the changing comedy scene here in Albuquerque and beyond.

32nd Annual Festival Flamenco

World class dance sourced locally and internationally

For the members of Yjastros, the past is rooted in traditional flamenco and the potential is to create something that not only shows the range of the company, but takes the form in a new direction—contemporary flamenco.

Found Objects

This week, check out Crippled Comedy Tour 2.0, He(art)s of Colour, Insects of Open Space and the Snaggy Hat Workshop.


All Is True

Shakespeare retires to the country in Kenneth Branagh’s speculative biopic

The new biopic All Is True posits a speculative reason for our lack of information about William Shakespeare's life: He intentionally vanished from public life based on an untimely tragedy, general world-weariness and a dark family secret.

Influence Peddling

Enjoy Patrick Mehaffy's short films, the InterPlanetary Festival and Awakenings. And the ¡Cine Magnífico! submission deadline is at hand.

Boston Strong

“City on a Hill” on Showtime

The gritty crime series “City on a Hill” is produced by famed purveyors of fine Beantown entertainment and has a solid cast anchored by Kevin Bacon’s gleefully nasty performance, easily appreciated even if parts of it are wicked familiar.


Back to ... the Future?

Some things are too good to change, including Pizza Castle

Pizza Castle's new location trades away the grimy patina of decades for a drive-through.

A Quarter Century in the Making

Canteen Brewhouse celebrates 25 years

Il Vicino Brewing Company transformed into the now well-known Canteen Brewhouse, which is celebrating 25 years in business.

Patio Pleasures

Here are some of our favorite patios. We’re only a month away from the start of monsoon season, so this is a limited time opportunity to get in on patio fun before it’s too hot and too wet.


Hope Abounds

NM expands medical program

The state has finally expanded its medical cannabis program to include opioid addiction in its list of qualifying conditions; a Louisiana coroner is blaming a woman's death on an overdose of THC concentrate; Alien Brownies is great for those suffering from anxiety or tension.

Alibi V.28 No.23 • June 6-12, 2019

Russell James Rocks

Influential punk folkster is headed to Oregon

We chat with Russell James, formerly of The Porter Draw, as he moves on to the future.


I Want to Believe

Church celebrates Christ, Pride and progressive culture

Weekly Alibi spent time with Reverend Judith Maynard in order to find out more about her church, the community she shepherds and what peace, love, understanding and Jesus Christ has to do with all of that movement forward for LGBTQ people and for us all.


Have Some Pride!

History, resources and more

This weekend, Albuquerque will roll out the rainbow crosswalk in time for a parade and other festivities to celebrate our gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer community.

Freedom Is a Gas

Renewables make inroads while dinosaurs dig in

Not much research is being done on a post-gas America; homes, housing and urban scenes are still being designed with gas lines in mind and even big public transportation systems utilize natural gas to run buses.


The lawsuit between the city of Albuquerque and electric bus company BYD has been settled; half of the state police officers assigned to Albuquerque as part of the Metro Surge Operation left the city this week; New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department announced it will further limit income requirements to receive child care assistance.

Vaccinate Now!

New Mexico at risk

The rising number of unvaccinated children worries health officials. Earlier this year, the New Mexico Department of Health confirmed the state’s first case of measles in nearly five years.




Theater on the Farm

Weekly Alibi sat down with Katie Farmin, the director of Stargazing, to talk about putting together the outdoor dinner theater experience called Theater on the Farm.


The New Mexico Shakespeare Festival 2019

On summer nights, not just here in Albuquerque or even across the country but around the world, actors take to the stage to deliver lines said millions of times over the centuries. Why? Haven’t we already heard these stories before?

Found Objects

Check out Pastelworld, SURFACE: Emerging Artists of New Mexico, Portal/Portal, I WANNA BE YOURS and SHIFT | ONWARD.



Dazzling fashion industry documentary needs to take a step back and remove one accessory

Ironically, by trying to do too much—something the minimalist Mr. Halston certainly never strove for in his clean, modern designs—Halston falls into the same trap as virtually all documentary biopics.

Out With the Old

You've gotta see the eye-boggling Currents New Media, Saving Private Ryan, Full Draw Film Tour 2019 and Space Jam.

Upfront Again

Networks announce (more) new shows

Here are more of the "upfronts," a chance to see what we’ll be watching (or avoiding) this fall.


Hidden Gem in Burque

The Pupuseria brings variety and taste to the forefront

The chicken at Pupuseria y Restaurant Salvadoreño was cooked so perfectly it hardly made sense. It was literally falling off the bone but hadn’t been overcooked in the slightest.

Watch Your Fingers

Prickly pears are a Southwestern specialty

When it comes to originality and innovation, New Mexico tends to go the extra mile. Take for example the prickly pear fruit, which grows on opuntia cacti.

Pride Week Specials

Pride Parade is happening on June 8, so find the best way for you to celebrate and be yourself in the company of friends and allies with these events going on the day of.


The Future Is CBD

Federal agencies make way

TSA has “quietly changed its cannabis policy” to allow passengers to bring CBD products on flights; starting in 2020, marijuana customers in Colorado will be allowed to consume cannabis in “tasting rooms”; Secret Formula #2 is relaxing and pleasant—a great foil for depression—but probably not the best choice for the uninitiated.

News on the Green

Samantha Anne Carrillo reports on the FDA’s hotly anticipated public hearing on CBD and new research on older cannabis users’ motivations, concerns and experiential outcomes by Colorado scientists.

Alibi V.28 No.22 • May 30-June 5, 2019

Where to Now, Sandia?

Key to the future or path to apocalypse?

Sandia National Laboratories are looking to hire up to 1,900 positions. Those new, high-tech engineering, math, research and technical jobs are just the kind of jobs our burg needs to earn its sustainability wings. Or are they?


The Council Approves

Mayor’s budget survives, mostly intact

Have you been asking yourself how the more than $1 billion dollars described in Mayor Keller’s budget will be spent by the City of Albuquerque in its fiscal year 2020 budget? Weekly Alibi was curious so we took a look at the over $1 billion budget that was approved by the Council at its May 20 meeting.

Let’s Get Polluted!

Methane emissions are concerning

A report published by the Environmental Defense Fund in April 2019 suggests that current EPA reporting of methane emissions is off by a factor of five, and the waste of leaking the greenhouse pollutant costs New Mexico about $43 million in lost tax and royalty revenue.


A judge has dismissed five misdemeanor charges against former New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Secretary Demesia Padilla; A group of officials and commissioners sent a letter to the state's congressional delegation, saying they are facing an immigration crisis at the state's southern border; New Mexico State Police have made hundreds of arrests in Albuquerque over the past month in situations where city police would have been barred from acting.


Albuquerque Hear Here Festival

A collaborative production at Keshet offers artist and audience new opportunities

The Albuquerque Hear Here Festival can best be described as an intensive residency. In the mold of the 48 Hour Film Festival, Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts has launched a collaborative project that pairs dancers/choreographers with musicians/composers, sight unseen.

Haiku in Review

The Art of Haiku at the Open Space Visitor Center

The Art of Haiku exhibit, and Jane Lipman's poem in particular, pairs well with the purpose of the Open Space Visitor Center. How much time do we need to spend contemplating nature and our place within the greater scheme of the universe?

Quilt While You’re Ahead

This week, enjoy the Fiber Arts Fiesta, Jesús Muñoz Teatro Flamenco and Estaban: Eight Years Across the American Southwest. And then go help clean up the Rio Grande.



Dems drop the ball on legalization

While our leaders sit around comparing donation receipts, their constituents suffer from crime and government overreach; UNM researchers are looking into how medical cannabis affects veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress; Diesel Dough is perfect for those suffering from depression or pain, just make sure to stay home.



Olivier Assayas’ latest French dramedy is more interested in conversation than sex

Not every viewer will stay tuned in through this film’s talky back-and-forth. Those looking for smart, adult conversation (with a wink and a nod toward European sexual mores), however, will find themselves well served by the fiction of Non-Fiction.

Hollywood Via NM

See “Help!!! Hollywood I’m Trapped in New Mexico” and The Brill Building Movie. And beware the 2019 Santa Fe Independent Film Festival submission deadline is nearing.

Upfront Season

Nets announce new shows

The end of May brings with it tornados in the midwest and television’s annual “upfront week” in New York. Upfronts give the viewing public a chance to see what we’ll be watching (or avoiding) come fall.


The Promised Land

Summer concerts rock on and on

Let’s go for a ride, home piece. It will be free trip through the land where rock reigns. And whatever you pay for a concert, remember that—as those Lincolns and Hamiltons fly out of your pocket—you’ll be repaid in fun times forever.


You Dim Sum, You Lose Sum

It Dim Sum is your new favorite snack stop

It Dim Sum brings community to the meal, with an immense variety of choices and the opportunity to discover new things with every bite.

This Beer Isn’t for the Weak

ABQ Beer Week returns to help build your summer gut

ABQ Beer Week is about getting you engaged with the local beer scene and showing off the magic of what New Mexican breweries have to offer, both behind the bar and on the food scene.

Not Here For Beer

If you’re not the type to be down with beer, here are a couple recommendations to keep you on the path to hurting your liver the right way, without all for hunting for the right beer to fit your style.