Alibi V.29 No.9 • Feb 27-March 4, 2020

At the Show

To which you better go

False spring is one of the things they call the month of February here in New Mexico, but it’s still winter. At a show, it’s possible to forget all about those things called seasons, false or not. All you have to do is show up.

Cannatopia 2020

RSVP to Weekly Alibi’s 2nd annual New Mexico Cannabis Expo

Weekly Alibi’s second annual Northern New Mexico Cannabis Expo happens on Saturday, April 4 from 11am to 5pm at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center. Hyperlocal cannabis expos hosted by your favorite local alt.weekly provide an opportunity for meaningful consumer exposure and interaction in addition to a B2B platform for vendors and sponsors across New Mexico and Colorado. For medical cannabis card holders and cannabis-curious attendees alike, the Expo offers access to quality speakers and content from the industry’s top companies and educators.


Education, Poverty, Oil and Gas

Funding the state with fossil fuels

For public education, what the governor asked for and what the legislature approved ended up being two different, if intrinsically related, things. But no matter what perspective one looks at the current situation from, one thing is clear: most of the money comes from the awesomely powerful yet highly volatile oil and gas industries of New Mexico.

Proclamations, Travel, Crime

Council moves forward in 2020

February brought a mixed bag of weather to the Albuquerque City Council as it adjusted to a newly elected member and an empty seat left by Councilor Ken Sanchez’s January death.


N.M. Attorney General sued Google for collecting children's personal data; US Attorney General William Barr has appointed Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III to chair the Mental Illness Working Group as part of a national effort to fight crime; state Republican leaders said that they will take the House back from state Democrats.

Odds & Ends

Funny because newlywed cops eating at the restaurant that you're robbing happens to someone else.


Drop by Drop

The readers write about the Albuquerque Housing Authority, Daylight Saving Time and a charlatan.



Revolutions as Diplomacy

Juli Hendren on the theater festival’s 20th anniversary

Revolutions International Theatre Festival is not simply about the theater the festival includes, it is about bringing together the people involved. Weekly Alibi sat down with Juli Hendren to talk about diplomacy, theater and this year’s Revolutions.

Printing Present

Seeing Indelible Ink: Native Women, Printmaking, Collaboration

In Indelible Ink: Native Women, Printmaking, Collaboration, Nine Native printmakers with vastly different aesthetics are brought together to display work that is a sampling a of some of the finest examples of contemporary printmaking created by anyone.

Found Objects

Go to the META/PHYSICAL dance concert, The Rio Grande: Wetlands/Borderlands, 1984 and Variation on the Theme of Cranes.


Impractical Jokers: The Movie

Why, God, why?

The guys in Impractical Jokers: The Movie are clearly having some stupid fun. Unlike the Coronavirus, however, the fun is not all that infectious.

Story Time

This is the week for a “Showdown in Lobo Village" sitcom live reading, a Tribesourcing discussion, NMFF Indie Screening and Jim Henson in Performance. And it's time to submit your entry to the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival.

Don’t Cross the Streams

Latest media merger changes channels

The mildly successful CBS All Access (home to all things “Star Trek”) is now set to merge with all of Viacom’s other brands to offer a wide slate of movies and TV in a brand spankin’ new, yet-to-be-named streaming service.


Danny Loves Choche

Don Choche brings authentic Mexican to Nob Hill

Don Choche has brought their style to Nob Hill in a location brimming with restaurants and they’ve found a niche that allows them to stand uniquely above others with their immense servings and incredibly affordable pricing structure. You owe it to yourself to get in there now, before it becomes the next go-to spot that has you waiting outside for a chance to sneak in for a bite.

Feeling Hot

It’s time for the Fiery Foods & BBQ Show, Tea 101 Class & Tasting and the NM Furry Golden Corral Meet.


Cannabis in the Roundhouse

Not quite a winning year

Department of Health is no longer required to issue medical cannabis cards; bills to legalize recreation cannabis, protect Native cannabis patients living on tribal land from federal prosecution and allow research facilities to grow or buy cannabis for research purposes were all three strangled like mad dogs.

News on the Green

Samantha Anne Carrillo reports on new research that reveals the cannabinoid CBG’s effectiveness against MRSA and coronavirus’ potential impact on cannabis commerce.

Alibi V.29 No.8 • Feb 20-26, 2020

The Assistant

Low-key drama examines office politics in #MeToo era

If The Assistant were a documentary, it would be deadly dull. As a drama it’s … well, it’s still pretty dull.


Immigration, Crime, Barr and Burque

A backlash is noted in recent border news

Albuquerque's immigrant-friendly status is causing trouble that reaches down from the federal level, and may prevent the city from accessing federal grants having to do with everything from increased police staffing to the testing of rape kit evidence. In order to get a better handle on this complex, culture-changing series of events, Weekly Alibi spoke with a number of city and government leaders on the subject, including City Councilors Pat Davis and Klarissa Peña.

Goodbye, Legislature Number 54

Highlights from the latest 30-day session

Public safety, education and finances were the big themes at this 30-day session. And although the Lujan Grisham administration had several successes during this year’s short-lived session, the Dems in charge also faced a couple of notable letdowns.


Trip by City Councilor Peña has raised concerns after it cost was revealed; DOJ threatens to withhold anti-crime grants; federal judge approved a settlement that ended a 40-year-old civil case that enforced reforms in New Mexico's prisons.


Plame Blame

The readers write about Valerie Plame, Republican Senators, Nancy Pelosi, APD and the Albuquerque Housing Authority.


Student Becomes Teacher

See Are We There Yet? with director Q&A or The Breakfast Club. Apply for a grant from the John Pinto Native Filmmakers Memorial Fund.

Locked and Loaded

“Locke & Key” on Netflix

“Locke & Key” offers up some clever dark fantasy—imaginative, original and occasionally quite spooky. And if it puts you in the mood to read/re-read Hill and Rodriquez’ original comic afterward, all the better.


A New Nob Hill

Nob Hill Bar & Grill reinvents itself with the help of NM Capital Partners

Daydream and Nob Hill Bar & Grill are two sides of the same coin, in the sense that they have found the need for Nob Hill to be built back up with new ventures, one a reimagining, one a bold new addition. Both manage to stick the landing when it comes to impressing.


Dweezil, Son of Frank

The Zappa legacy includes Hot Rats

Weekly Alibi rang up Dweezil Zappa to find out where he stood in relation to subjects like foaming goo and reaching nirvana tonight.

Turn Out the Lights

Local nights get louder

If you are feeling the urge to listen to live music, the upcoming week of concerts in Albuquerque and the vicinity should definitely satisfy that primal feeling.


The Sweet Sound of Color

Tania Candiani’s Cromática

Cromática started with artist Tania Candiani’s investigations into traditional Mexican modes of textile and ceramic production. As she began working with traditional weavers to create the textiles for the exhibit, the sounds of their work became part of the exhibit itself: synesthesia.

Lost and Found

Michael P. Berman’s Perdido Sierra San Luis

Since entering the Anthropocene, the art world has produced untold volumes considering the imprint of humanity on nature. Perdido Sierra San Luis deviates from the common approach in a rare, marked and existentially unsettling way.

Found Objects

This is the week to see Puppeteers of New Mexico, ABQ Unidos Poetry Slam, Keshet's 2020 Choreographers' Showcase and The Old White Lady Tells It.


Forget About It

Recreational bill tabled

Senators Joseph Cervantes and Richard Martinez shoot down Cannabis Regulation Act and a patient enrolled in the Colorado medical cannabis program was arrested for marijuana possession near Farmington, N.M.

Lemon Skunk at CG

Lemon Skunk would be great for newcomers or patients who experience anxiety, as the mild effects are easily approachable and make for a comfortable high.

News on the Green

Samantha Anne Carrillo reports on the passage of SB 139 and the NFL’s proposed changes to drug testing players for THC and resulting punitive consequences.

Alibi V.29 No.7 • Feb 13-19, 2020

Tonari No Mise Brings Unique Flavor to City

The store next door is amazing for sure

This is the ice cream that genuinely stops you in your tracks to take a minute and appreciate all that it is. There is probably a long and complicated German word for that feeling, but in that moment of trying it, only one simple word came to mind: Bliss.


Ending Domestic Violence

Coalition faces cuts, keeps striving

Before the Legislature met, Governor Lujan Grisham published a proposed budget which included $3.5 million to be spent in conjunction with New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence to provide educational and support services to domestic violence programs. To find out more, Weekly Alibi met with NMCADV Executive Director Pam Wiseman and Board of Directors Community Representative Quintin D. McShan.

A New Mexico Green Amendment

Van Rossum in the Land of Enchantment

Green activst Maya van Rossum is in New Mexico this week to talk about her new book, The Green Amendment: Securing Our Right to a Healthy Environment. She stopped by Weekly Alibi to talk about the book and how it applies to the state of New Mexico, where she hopes to foster the introduction of legislation to amend our state’s constitution.


APD is clarifying its body cam policy after officers muted their cameras; scammers stole nearly a half-million dollars from Bernalillo County last year; city has now hired a supervisor to monitor bus speeds after complaints of speeding.


Will Trump Pull a Lincoln?

A reader writes about speculative abuse of the Presidential Emergency Act.



Icy European dramedy gets watered down stateside

Downhill is an English language reshoot of Ruben Östlund’s 2014 film Force Majeure, by the writing-directing team of Nat Faxon & Jim Rash. Yet where Östlund’s packed a primal punch, Faxon & Rash’s offers only a light slap.

Pitch Imperfect

“Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” on NBC

Ultimately, your enjoyment of “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” will depend upon how much deep-seated wisdom you ascribe to random pop music lyrics.


Where the Valentines Are

We did the math so you don’t have to

You forgot to make Valentine's Day plans again! You buffoon! Here's an Idiot’s Guide to Last-Minute Valentines Plans.

Follow-Ups, Freak-Outs and Flowers

Like many weekly specials, this one shall be constructed with a mish-mash of leftover pieces. Here is the local news that you need to be on the move, so keep on it and keep that support in your favorite neighborhood places!


Revíva Con Pizza!

Band makes big plans over big pie

Revíva, Albuquerque’s premier New Mexican reggae and ranchera outfit, has a gig planned for Valentine’s Day. Weekly Alibi met with them to talk about their history and future, music in Albuquerque and what it really means to play on the upbeat.

It’s Showtime

A look at this week in live music

This year the lover’s holiday happens to fall right at the beginning of the fabled weekend. That means there are plenty of shows to check out in Albuquerque's thriving live music scene.


Interview About a Vampire

Patricia Dickinson Wells on Dracula, A Love Story

Weekly Alibi sat down with choreographer Patricia Dickinson Wells to talk about ballet and Dracula, A Love Story.

(In)Post Process

Peter Voshefski’s Deep Research

As captivating and intricate as Peter Voshefski’s new exhibit Deep Research: Drawings, Collages and Paintings is individually, collectively it seemingly serves a more complex purpose.

Found Objects

This is the week for Voices in the Barrio, Asking For It, Asteroid!, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The Great Backyard Bird Count and Sonia Luévano's sacred heart paintings.


Show Us the Green

Reports say legalization brings profitability

Though legalization of recreational cannabis proves profitable to businesses and communities in counties that border states where the drug is still banned, relaxed cannabis laws also result in higher abnormal stock returns, improved employee productivity and increased innovation.

News on the Green

Samantha Anne Carrillo reports on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s tabling of a hopeful recreational cannabis bill and new research on how THC can affect human memory formation.