Alibi V.29 No.7 • Feb 13-19, 2020

Show Us the Green

Reports say legalization brings profitability

Though legalization of recreational cannabis proves profitable to businesses and communities in counties that border states where the drug is still banned, relaxed cannabis laws also result in higher abnormal stock returns, improved employee productivity and increased innovation.

Cannatopia 2020

RSVP to Weekly Alibi’s 2nd annual New Mexico Cannabis Expo

Weekly Alibi’s second annual Northern New Mexico Cannabis Expo happens on Saturday, April 4 from 11am to 5pm at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center. Hyperlocal cannabis expos hosted by your favorite local alt.weekly provide an opportunity for meaningful consumer exposure and interaction in addition to a B2B platform for vendors and sponsors across New Mexico and Colorado. For medical cannabis card holders and cannabis-curious attendees alike, the Expo offers access to quality speakers and content from the industry’s top companies and educators.


Ending Domestic Violence

Coalition faces cuts, keeps striving

Before the Legislature met, Governor Lujan Grisham published a proposed budget which included $3.5 million to be spent in conjunction with New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence to provide educational and support services to domestic violence programs. To find out more, Weekly Alibi met with NMCADV Executive Director Pam Wiseman and Board of Directors Community Representative Quintin D. McShan.

A New Mexico Green Amendment

Van Rossum in the Land of Enchantment

Green activst Maya van Rossum is in New Mexico this week to talk about her new book, The Green Amendment: Securing Our Right to a Healthy Environment. She stopped by Weekly Alibi to talk about the book and how it applies to the state of New Mexico, where she hopes to foster the introduction of legislation to amend our state’s constitution.


APD is clarifying its body cam policy after officers muted their cameras; scammers stole nearly a half-million dollars from Bernalillo County last year; city has now hired a supervisor to monitor bus speeds after complaints of speeding.


Will Trump Pull a Lincoln?

A reader writes about speculative abuse of the Presidential Emergency Act.


Tonari No Mise Brings Unique Flavor to City

The store next door is amazing for sure

This is the ice cream that genuinely stops you in your tracks to take a minute and appreciate all that it is. There is probably a long and complicated German word for that feeling, but in that moment of trying it, only one simple word came to mind: Bliss.

Where the Valentines Are

We did the math so you don’t have to

You forgot to make Valentine's Day plans again! You buffoon! Here's an Idiot’s Guide to Last-Minute Valentines Plans.

Follow-Ups, Freak-Outs and Flowers

Like many weekly specials, this one shall be constructed with a mish-mash of leftover pieces. Here is the local news that you need to be on the move, so keep on it and keep that support in your favorite neighborhood places!


News on the Green

Samantha Anne Carrillo reports on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s tabling of a hopeful recreational cannabis bill and new research on how THC can affect human memory formation.



Icy European dramedy gets watered down stateside

Downhill is an English language reshoot of Ruben Östlund’s 2014 film Force Majeure, by the writing-directing team of Nat Faxon & Jim Rash. Yet where Östlund’s packed a primal punch, Faxon & Rash’s offers only a light slap.

Pitch Imperfect

“Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” on NBC

Ultimately, your enjoyment of “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” will depend upon how much deep-seated wisdom you ascribe to random pop music lyrics.


Revíva Con Pizza!

Band makes big plans over big pie

Revíva, Albuquerque’s premier New Mexican reggae and ranchera outfit, has a gig planned for Valentine’s Day. Weekly Alibi met with them to talk about their history and future, music in Albuquerque and what it really means to play on the upbeat.

It’s Showtime

A look at this week in live music

This year the lover’s holiday happens to fall right at the beginning of the fabled weekend. That means there are plenty of shows to check out in Albuquerque's thriving live music scene.


Interview About a Vampire

Patricia Dickinson Wells on Dracula, A Love Story

Weekly Alibi sat down with choreographer Patricia Dickinson Wells to talk about ballet and Dracula, A Love Story.

(In)Post Process

Peter Voshefski’s Deep Research

As captivating and intricate as Peter Voshefski’s new exhibit Deep Research: Drawings, Collages and Paintings is individually, collectively it seemingly serves a more complex purpose.

Found Objects

This is the week for Voices in the Barrio, Asking For It, Asteroid!, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The Great Backyard Bird Count and Sonia Luévano's sacred heart paintings.

Alibi V.29 No.6 • Feb 6-12, 2020

Oscar Odds

Who could win, who might lose?

Who should you pick in your office’s Oscar pool? To see how the 92nd Annual Academy Awards are shaping up in the “Top Five” categories, we turn to the various critics organizations who handed out their own golden statues during Award Season and to New Jersey-based sports betting provider DraftKings (odds listed as of 1/31).


Revisiting the West Mesa Murders

Local journalist begins podcast

Eleven years after a grisly discovery was made on the West Mesa, a suspect in those lonely deaths has yet to be positively identified. No trials have been held to provide closure for the families of those women. In the nearly score of years that have passed since their discovery, people have moved on and memories have faded.

The Session Continues

NM Legislature update number 2

The Legislature of the state of New Mexico’s session started on Tuesday Jan. 21 and it continues through Thursday, Feb. 20. Here’s a look at some of the activities as seen through the eyes of an observer.


Congressional members toured a Border Patrol facility following deaths of a migrant children in US custody; UNM is asking lawmakers for medical school scholarship and outpatient program funding; also, UNM will not be sending students to China due to concerns over the coronavirus.

Odds & Ends

Funny because animatronic ground hogs predict weather for someone else.


Oscars 2020 Ballot

Here’s where your popcorn habit pays off

The 92nd Oscars will be held on Sunday, Feb. 9, 2020. Here are the nominees from some of the top categories.

No Hosts Is Good Hosts

“The Oscars” on ABC

Citing the success of last year’s host-free 91st presentation, ABC said it will once again dispense with the “traditional host.”


This week there's the Books to Big Screen film series, “Art of War” test screening/fundraising event, Harriet and a 50th Anniversary Celebration in honor of “Sesame Street."


A Conversation About Life’s Music

With Robert Bruce Jackson Caruthers

What is it that makes a record great? Defining the qualities that go into forging a great record on the rock and roll fire can be a trying task. We invited Robert Bruce Jackson Caruthers to stop by and talk about the music he makes.

Old Time Pianos and Wheels

Concert presents ragtime and boogie woogie

Adam Swanson will be playing a special solo piano concert with themes centered on transportation and the nation’s railroads, much of it consisting of ragtime compositions.

Live Music News

For the week ending Feb. 12

Here are recommendations for local live concerts that you should show up for during the upcoming week.


The Tears of a Clown

A Family Band for a Clown Funeral

Darlin’ and the Rodeo Runners have raised enough to give their beloved Ma and Pa the grand send-off that rodeo clown royalty deserves. Son and band leader Hondo Baca wants his parents’ funeral to be a celebration of their lives, so he and the family have invited the community to the funeral at their parent’s home located inside the Tricklock Performance Laboratory.

A Lesson in Living a Creative Life

The creative world of Judith Weichsel Carr

Lily Tomlin quipped, “The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat.” Being an artist can often seem like that when commercial considerations swamp your art.

Found Objects

This week you can see Coyote: A Solo Exhibition of Jesse Littlebird, First Friday's Comedy Contest - Battle of the Sexes 2020, Tania Candiani: Cromática and “Josephine Baker: A Black Venus in Europe.”


Whiskey Away

Taylor Garrett Whiskey changes the rules of distilling

What if someone had found a secret to cut down the time needed to barrel age whiskey dramatically? Well, Scott Feuille of Taylor Garrett Whiskey claims he has.

WInging It As We Go

Wing It Up brings chicken and waffles to the street

Wing It Up has genuinely refreshing takes on wing sauces that break the mold and try something a little different. Hunt them down, don’t wait for their magic to find you. This is the food truck your life has been missing.


Sic of Naysayers

Legalization bill passes first hurdle

“Cannabis Regulation Act” passed through the Senate Public Affairs Committee and despite past problems, experts still say the hemp market is set to improve drastically this year.

News on the Green

Samantha Anne Carrillo reports on state lawmakers’ latest efforts to legally redefine eligibility for New Mexico’s medical cannabis program and VICE’s coverage of cannabis possession penalties outside the US.

Alibi V.29 No.5 • Jan 30-Feb 5, 2020

Talking Tacos

Urban Taqueria starts a political conversation

Urban Taqueria offers a mesh of tradition with Modernism allows them to exist in that sweet spot that hipsters love to blog about while still appealing to casual diners.


Portrait of the Activists

Peace center meeting highlights dissent

The Activist Police Reform Forum shows how far Albuquerque remains from fully embracing the city police.

The Legacy of Councilor Sanchez

Plus a new member, the gavel and nuclear power

During the Jan. 22 Albuquerque City Council meeting, one could almost see the spirit of Councilor Ken Sanchez present as the local body politic took care of city business during the first meeting of 2020.


Newscity: Navajo Nation Votes to Limit Protections, NM Switches to New Teacher License Test, Minimum Wage Affects Medicaid Eligibility

Sex and the Burque

Ask a drag queen your burning questions in Alibi’s exclusive advice column

Chastity Belt-Off offers advice on avoiding Cheeto dust, dealing with menopause and understanding drag.


The Turning

Historic haunted house drama is a ghost of its former self

If you’re looking for cheap PG-13 scares, you could—theoretically anyway—do worse than The Turning. But dragging a classic like The Turn of the Screw into this generic haunted house mess feels, at best, like a missed opportunity and, at worst, like an insult to English literature.

Sounds Good

While you wait for Netflix to call you back with a job offer, go see Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound, The Searchers and a salute to ’80s icon John Hughes.

Chiefs vs. Pups

Super Bowl weekend around the dial

As football fans undoubtedly know, there's a battle coming this weekend. Should you watch the Kansas City Chiefs or should you watch puppies?


Newpoli and Italian Folk

Folk ensemble creates anew

Weekly Alibi talks to Carmen Marsico and Björn Wennås of Southern Italy's folk group Newpoli.

New Music, Timeless Tale

Composers’ Symposium: Eternal Return

The 49th John Donald Robb Composers’ Symposium is being held this week, and features the work of Wave Dash—that’s Camilla Hoitenga and Magdalena Meitzner—as well as special guest composers Anne LeBaron, Lei Liang, Amy Williams, Blair Hiller and Juan Salvidar Jr.

Sonic Reducer

We review new albums by Illuminati Congo, Crystal Whip and Mercury Renegades.


The Qualities of Context

The City of Albuquerque Employee Art Exhibit

Of particular note at the City of Albuquerque Employee Art Exhibit is a photograph titled “Stop Rowing for a Second” by Sarita Nair. It depicts an oar out of water on a quiet lake. The message is fitting for this show, given the context. It reminds us to take a moment to look around.

Found Objects

Enjoy Elizabeth I: In Her Own Words and Objects: Redux, then work on your submission for the Rail Yard Fictions Writing Competition.


Suping up Your Sunday

All these Super Bowl needs, so little time

Super Bowl Sunday is about dinner and a show, the combination of greasy junk food and commercials. But what food is the right one to pull in for the big day?


Learn about beer, mourn Mr. Peanut, see some belly dancers and enjoy a Vegan Jazz Brunch.


Education Delivered

UNM program educates public on cannabis

UNM psychology department to expand cannabis education; Psilocybin trademarked; Mexican lawmakers to legalize recreational cannabis.

News on the Green

Samantha Anne Carrillo reports on pro-cannabis legalization media outreach efforts made by two Las Cruces City Councilors and comedian Ngaio Bealum's editorial take on the value of sniffing out cannabis strains' respective terpene profiles at the dispensary.

Hug Your Friends

As we isolate ourselves in our individual virtual prisons, start more conflicts and spend more time hating those who don't share our opinions, at least we can all agree on one thing: Cannabis is still the best medicine for facing the constant barrage of weekly existential crises. This kind of bipartisan support is rarer than a YouTuber without clinical narcissism. Soak it up while you can.

Opioids and Cannabis

Not as cut and dry as you may think

Statistics say there is a correlation between access to medical cannabis and lower opioid prescriptions. Can cannabis help end the opioid crisis?

Psychedelic Re-Revolution

Shrooms in the group consciousness again

Last November, the US Food and Drug Administration made an incredible move by designating psilocybin treatments as a “breakthrough therapy” for the second time.

Grabbing Some Zs

Herb for sleep

Cannabis’ special power to send patients off to slumberland isn't news to anyone. It's so good at it that we connoisseurs have to come up with a lot of special terms like “couchlock,” “heady” and “body high” just to avoid repeating ourselves when we describe its sedative effects.

Why We Say “No”

Teen cannabis use on the rise?

Last December, The Boston Globe profiled a youth outreach program that was taking a radical new approach to curbing illicit cannabis use among teenagers. Instead of telling teens to “just say no,” counselors were encouraging them to “smoke less.”

Legalize It, Bro

Paths to the plant

Let’s take a look at how a drug once considered a societal scourge by dark forces has come to be accepted by a whopping 75 percent of the nation’s adult population.

Deep Learning

Cannabis in schools was supposed to be smart ...

Last year's Senate Bill 406, “Medical Marijuana Changes,” caused a stir for a number of reasons. At the forefront of the controversy was a section that gave public school students access to medical cannabis on school grounds.

Buttering Both Ends

How to make cannabutter

So you've become a voracious cannabis eater and have finally worked up the nerve to take the plunge and bake your own THC-infused treat. But how exactly do you do that?


Calling for an end to player THC bans

Cannabis has spread its tendrils so deep into the American psyche that even our sports have been infected. And we aren't just talking about the petition to make being a Bengals or Browns fan a qualifying condition for a medical cannabis card in Ohio (although that really happened).

Winter Fruit

We're in full-blown buttoned-down mode, here, people. Old Boomer Winter is back, and he's blowing up a furious mess of depression and anxiety for the whole country. Luckily, we're blessed with the presence of one of the greatest natural predators of the winter blues: that beautiful weed we call cannabis.

Better Together

Terpenes, cannabinoids and the entourage effect

If you sense that cannabis is greater than the sum of its parts, you’re already well on your way to understanding the so-called entourage effect. Discussion of the entourage effect as it concerns cannabis use centers on the complementary, synergistic nature (and resulting effects) of common volatile organic compounds known as terpenes that work in concert with cannabis plants’ natural phytocannabinoids.