Alibi V.15 No.40 • Oct 5-11, 2006 

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Pop the Cork

Corkfest 2006

One of Steve White’s famous PEZ dispensers transformed into a handy marketing tool for Corkfest
One of Steve White’s famous PEZ dispensers transformed into a handy marketing tool for Corkfest

The concept of a backyard party has been lifted to a whole new plateau. There will be no keg. There will be no slip 'n' slide. But at Corkfest 2006, there will be tons of live music from morning ’til night, along with some of the best local art in the city. Best of all, everyone—and I do mean everyone—is invited.

To take part, you need to venture down into the wildlands of the South Valley, but this is a journey you should take more often anyway. A little known fact: It's lovely down there!

South Valley artist Corky Frausto has been hosting his backyard hootenanny for three years now. He's been a South Valley resident for 13 years and started the festival as a way to expose people to some of attractions of the area.

Frausto points to Steve White's Yardfest as a major inspiration for this DIY festival (a tradition which local artist Kenny Chavez has continued to host every spring). As with Yardfest, Frausto doesn't charge artists anything to set up a booth and sell their work. “It's a way for artists to show their work and sell stuff for free,” he says. “It's a place where people can buy art at a good price. Also, since I quit drinking, it's a way to have a party without having the police or fire department show up.”

This year, a couple new artists will be participating. “Barbara Endicott will be doing sketches,” says Frausto, “and Jeff Hudson, Highland Highschool drama teacher, playwright and actor, will put on Front Seat Theater—experimental stuff that takes place in the front seat of a car,” with a small audience sitting in the back seat. Old regulars like Goldy Garcia, Jeff Sipe, Robert Brettelle, Chavez and White will also be peddling their wares.

Of course, as usual, a long list of live music is lined up for the event, from rootsy pickers like the Saltine Ramblers to everyone's favorite one-man-band, Daddy Long Loin.

The grill will be hot by the time you get there so bring some flesh to throw over the coals. This is a BYOBBQ event. It's also a BYOF event (Bring Your Own Family—children are welcome, as long as they're well-behaved and free of head lice), and a BYOM event (Bring Your Own Money—you know, so you can buy lots of stuff).

Corkfest 2006, a free South Valley arts, crafts and music festival, occurs Saturday, Oct. 7, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Corky Frausto's yard at 1024A La Vega SW. 877-0834,