Alibi V.17 No.41 • Oct 9-15, 2008 

Local Lexicon

Women Writers II

The Magic of Zero: The Art of Finding Happiness in the Land of Having

By Christina Florence
Paperback (AuthorHouse), $16.95

Unveil a toolbox for transformation and gain inspiration to move your life from the obsession of wanting to the freedom of having. The Magic of Zero is a guide for permanent, positive change with easy-to-follow, effective techniques for any lifestyle.

Grandmother's Recipe for Revolution

By Sharon L. Baughman
Paperback (P.A.D. Company), $11.95

In this political-science tome, Baughman argues that a partisan Congress, lacking the courage to deal with the challenges of the future, is destroying our nation. She says the time has come for citizens to turn up the heat on our leaders and demand honest government, protection of citizens' rights and the end to good ol' boy politics.

Splash Ink with Watercolor (Looking East Painting West)

By Ming Shu Lin Franz
Paperback (Splash Ink), $28

An all-in-one guide for splash ink painting techniques, Splash Ink with Watercolor is filled with numerous ways to break through the boundaries of conventional painting by using Asian ink and primary watercolors on rice paper. Free your creative spirit and create the paintings of your dreams.

Peace in the Valley

By Susan Sherwood Parr
Paperback (Word Productions), $9.95

All of us have faced trials, depression, discouragement and despair. Peace in the Valley offers a guide to using spiritual help, the word of God and prayer to get a new start.

Tradition & Heritage: History of Peña Blanca Parish

By Virginia Ortiz
Paperback (Rio Grande Books), $25

This history of the Parish in Peña Blanca and its missions in Cochiti, Sile, La Bajada, Domingo, Santo Domingo Pueblo and San Felipe Pueblo includes a foreword by Archbishop Michael Sheehan. Tradition & Heritage also features photos of the Stations of the Cross murals painted by Fray Angelico Chavez in the '30s and many other artistic works.

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