Culture Shock: Low-Rez
 Alibi V.21 No.35 • Aug 30-Sept 5, 2012 

Culture Shock


Tribal Hiphop   by Brent Greenwood
Tribal Hiphop by Brent Greenwood

Mainstream media often overlook the fact that Native people are a dominant force in pop culture. In the rare instance that Native Americans are spotlighted, the focus is typically confined to regalia, traditional arts and history. This is true even for New Mexico media outlets, which should, theoretically, offer a better-developed snapshot of people who live here.

A multi-artist exhibit at Eggman and Walrus in Santa Fe addresses this issue. Low-Rez: Native American Lowbrow Art culls together works of pop surrealism—pinup, comic, collage, ads—to tackle the stereotype of the noble savage and reclaim icons co-opted by the likes of Walt Disney, George Lucas and Warner Bros.: “Trickster Rabbit as Bugs Bunny, Princess Leia’s Hopi butterfly whorl hairdo, Taos Pueblo artist Pop Chalee’s blue deer paintings transformed by Walt Disney into Bambi.” Those are some of the examples cited on the Low-Rez website (

An Acquired Taste   by America Meredith
An Acquired Taste by America Meredith

Participants hail from New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona and Illinois—and represent many tribes. The opening of the show coincided with Indian Market in Santa Fe, which draws thousands of Natives, tourists and art collectors to New Mexico every year. (Hope those collectors were paying attention to these contemporary artists.)

Low-Rez is up through August. Viewing hours are Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. If you haven’t yet taken in this complex, engaging and often humorous commentary on modern Native life, get over to Eggman and Walrus’ two locations near the Plaza (131 West San Francisco Street and 130 West Palace Street).

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