Poetry News: From Couch to Couch, Never Leaving the House
 Alibi V.26 No.35 • Aug 31-Sept 6, 2017 

Poetry News

From Couch to Couch, Never Leaving the House

A selection of poems from local A.M. Langston’s new release


From Couch to Couch
there's a smell coming from the southwest
it blows north
and it ain't leaving

so while you wake up on the porch with
a french press

the air isn't crisp

it's afraid

shuddering in fear of the
nuclear explosion that
will kill us all

but you don't remember they're down there
as you burn your lip

even though that smell seeping out of the sand
is coming for you


you see globs of thick
colored oil
when you think of art

some of these fuckers
write about those globs
others about nature
things that just exist

the back of my eyes
when I can't think
get slathered with that brown and green

not sure what that tells me
but I know it when I'm wiping the inside of
my skull out

it's because I couldn't hear the truth

it's hard to hear what the truth sounds like
with all these people looking down on you

but take comfort knowing
they've probably never heard of it.

Local poet A.M. Langston recently released From Couch to Couch, Never Leaving the House, his first book of poetry, which features around 100 pieces written while he was living with his parents. The book is available on Amazon and for Kindle.