Alibi V.26 No.37 • Sept 14-20, 2017 

Found Objects

Mural Fest Marches On

508 Mural Fest—which officially kicked off on Sept. 12—continues with a host of events throughout the week. This Thursday, Sept. 14, catch Art Fight 35: Art in the Streets at Tractor Brewing in Wells Park to celebrate both the fest and public art in general. Participating artists will live paint while you sip and watch from 7-10pm. At the Downtown Block Party (on Sept. 16, see below) a mural by Warehouse 508 youth will be unveiled and rounding out the week a youth showcase will take place at the q-Staff Theatre at noon on Sunday, Sept. 17.

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Get Down(town)

Sanitary Tortilla Factory and Sidetrack Brewing, working with support from other organizations, are hosting this year's arts and culture-heavy Downtown Block Party on Sept. 16 on Second Street, between Lead and Coal. How do you dream of spending your Saturday? Taking in art? 516 ARTS, Sanitary Tortilla Factory, Axle Contemporary and Warehouse 508 have you covered. Drinking beer? Sidetrack and Tractor Brewing are bringing it. Listening to music? Local acts Hiss and Space Blanket are taking the stage this year. Did you want to play badminton? They even have that. The event runs noon-6pm, and popping in at the party is always free.

Distros Doing Good

Maybe this Saturday you weren't planning on going anywhere or seeing anyone. Maybe you were planning to cozy up with your couch and computer (hey, I get it). Still, you too, can support creative endeavors in our community and across the country because on Saturday, Sept. 16, Day of the Distros is going down in support of Albuquerque Zine Fest Seven! On Saturday, between 9am and 4pm anything you purchase from Brown Recluse Zine Distro, Antiquated Future or Sweet Candy Distro will kick back some cash in support of this year's zine fest in October. All you need to do is enter the code ABQZF7 at checkout. It's an easy way to support the kind of things we all want to keep seeing in the city and as a bonus, discover the creative work of zinesters around the country.

The Shoe Room Shutters

The Shoe Room
Two Brunos Photography

Catch the final performances of The Shoe Room produced by elite Dance & Theatre this week. The two-week long run closes with performances on Thursday, Sept. 14, Friday, Sept. 15, and Saturday, Sept. 16, all at 7pm at the North 4th Theatre (4904 Fourth Street NW). The play uses the some 4,000 shoes of victims on display at the American Holocaust Museum as a jumping off point to imagine what their stories might have been. Envisioned as a memorial, the expansive cast treats the topic gracefully. Tickets start at $22, purchase them online ( or at the door.