Alibi V.13 No.7 • Feb 12-18, 2004 

Speed Reader

The Rules of Engagement

Random House

This novel might not have many spills, chills or thrills, but the story about a life-long friendship between two British women still packs a mean punch. Reviewers have said that Brookner, a Booker Prize winning author, has crafted yet another subtle, well-crafted tale that should find a wide audience.

The Swallows of Kabul

Nan A. Talese

Khadra's novel The Swallows of Kabul provides a grim look into life in Afghanistan under the Taliban. Advance readers have said he writes with simple, elegant prose, providing a window into an authoritarian society most of us, thankfully, will never have to experience.

Hunter's Dance

Poisoned Pen Press

When 18-year-old Bambi Morland is found dead and scalped following a brawl at a local dance hall, a tiny community suffers a giant upheaval. Set in Michigan's upper peninsula in the '50s, Hunter's Dance is said to have a quiet pace but a real shocker of an ending.

Double Vision: A Self-portrait


In this extraordinary memoir, Abish describes how he and his upstanding Jewish bourgeois family were forced out of Austria in 1938 by the Nazis. They fled first to Italy and France, then to Shanghai and Israel. In the process of describing their harrowing migration, Abish succeeds fantastically at illuminating the trajectory of human history.