Alibi V.18 No.21 • May 21-27, 2009 

Culture Shock

All the Ladies

There's no one way to be a female artist these days, as evidenced by what's going on around town this week. This 21st-century world is our oyster, and oyster may or may not be a metaphor for lady parts and birth; it’s totally up to us.

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Houston’s The Orange Show
Larry Harris

Art News

The Orange Show Eyeopener Tour

Giving New Mexico a squeeze

Larry Harris says he loves to see people's reactions when they confront folk art.

One of his favorite stories is about an offshore oil worker from Houston who came along on an art tour. Harris wasn’t sure the trip would be up the oil worker's alley. After five days of visiting Chicago's folk art treasures and scoping out much of the city's modern architectural wonders, Harris got a pleasant surprise. "He was the first one to say, ‘Larry, where are we going next year?’ ” Harris recalls. "He totally got into it and that's kind of what drives me."

For 20 years, Harris has worked as a volunteer for the Orange Show, a folk art environment made of salvaged building materials in Houston. Orange Show creator Jeff McKissack created the space in 1979 as a tribute to oranges and vitamin C.

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Panels from   The Dinner Party

Art News

The Chicago School of Art

The K-12 Dinner Party Curriculum

The development of The K-12 Dinner Party Curriculum Project was born out of frustration.

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