Arts & Lit
 Alibi V.19 No.20 • May 20-26, 2010 
Laura Claggett (Irina), Hannah Kauffmann (Masha) and Wendy Scott (Olga)

Culture Shock

The Long(-ish) Goodbye

In trying to write Culture Shock for this week, I’ve felt like J. Alfred Prufrock: “Then how should I begin ... and how should I presume.” In most respects, I think I’m a bit more realized and less fearful than T.S. Eliot’s cautionary creation, but these lines kept coming back to me as I started to write this, my final column as arts and literature editor.

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Laura Claggett (Irina), Hannah Kauffmann (Masha) and Wendy Scott (Olga)

Performance Review

Three Sisters

The Vortex takes on Chekhov

It seemed like a good idea, a happy confluence of events.

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Art News

Brother, Can You Spare a DimeStory?

Short stories long on ambition

Three minutes. No poems.

Those are the rules at DimeStories—a prose-only open mic trying to gain traction in Albuquerque’s poetry-dominated reading circuit.

The timing bodes well. In recent years, short-form writing like flash fiction, nano-fiction and drabbles (stories composed of exactly 100 words) has taken firm root in our text- and Tweet-obsessed, ADHD world. Flash anthologies abound. Big names like Joyce Carol Oates and Chuck Palahniuk have gotten into the act. NPR hosts a popular Three-Minute Fiction Contest. And the Alibi has its own annual clash of conciseness, the eight-year-old Flash Fiction Contest.

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