Alibi V.25 No.33 • Aug 18-24, 2016 

Culture Shock

Mosaic Arts Program Leads the Way

Public art involves youth in the art community

Public art involves youth in the art community, writes Alibi editorial staffer Monica Schmitt.
geodude near mosaics

Art Scenester

On the Hunt

Pokémon Go leads players to culture

Pokémon Go leads players to culture!
Image courtesy of the artist


The Prince of Gospel

Pastor John P. Kee

An essential part of the American experience, gospel music has its roots in the music slaves made to cope with and filter the trauma of captivity into hope for future and freedom. Innately uplifting and celebratory, gospel makes a clear and harmonious connection to all that is earthly by referencing the heavenly. If you get my drift—and even if you don't—soon have the opportunity to test those ethnomusicological ramblings for yourself. That's because Grammy-nominated gospel singer and renowned baritone Pastor John P. Kee—performs right here in Burque on Thursday, Sept. 19 at the New Hope Full Gospel Baptist Church. At 7pm the singer and choir leader, noted for a compelling and soulful use of both contemporary and traditional gospel stylings, takes the stage as part of the I Made It Out Tour with his New Life choir of gospel singers. Tickets for this relevant recital cost $10 for adults and $7 for youths 17 and younger; they may be purchased by calling 881-7780.