Alibi V.27 No.4 • Jan 25-31, 2018 
La Bestia

Culture Shock

A Design of Defiance

Expansive exhibition creatively explores the complexity of the border

That The US-Mexico Border: Place, Imagination, and Possibility has taken on such potency in light of increased emphasis on so-called “border issues” and increasingly exclusionist policies is happenstance, but it makes the show all the more illuminating, instructive, encouraging.
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Artist M. Jenea Sanchez weaving her “Border Tapestry” through the border
Rosa Sanchez

Arts Interview

Weaving Across Land and Time

M. Jenea Sanchez' “Border Tapestry” visits Sanitary Tortilla Factory

Artist M. Jenea Sanchez hails from both sides of the US-Mexico border, calling both Douglas, Ariz., and Agua Prieta, Sonora, home. Her work is a persistent inquiry into identity and fluidity.
Lara Goldmann and The Line/Assembled Collective

Found Objects

See the These are the days, my friends, these are the days or ColorBlind exhibitions, go to the The Miracle of Ballydonal play.
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Well, Bless Your Heart

The Glitter Girls

Steel Magnolias meets "Survivor" in this coy and colorful comedy.
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The Rough Diamond of Chamber Music

Jennifer Koh and Shai Wosner

Jennifer Koh and Shai Wosner play chamber music live.
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Crop It Like It's Hot

TedxABQ 2018 Design Salon

Explore the topic of design with six New Mexicans shaping the world around us.
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More, Guitars, More Controllers

Adrian Legg

Award-winning and masterful guitarist, Adrian Legg plays live.