Arts & Lit
 Alibi V.27 No.26 • June 28-July 4, 2018 
Making Our Way

Culture Shock

The Way to Albuquerque

New mural depicts migration in all its beautiful diversity

The mural stretching to the roof of Kei & Molly Textiles' west facing wall means to express the multiplicity of stories of migration to and arrival in the United States.
Children play in the splashpad near Civic Plaza’s west side, where Prado on the Plaza is situated
Courtesy of the City of Albuquerque

Art News

Prado for the People

Works from Spain's famous museum land in downtown Albuquerque

Under the colorful shade covers at Civic Plaza is Verano del Prado, where standout pieces from the collection at Museo Nacional del Prado (in Madrid, Spain) are recreated and on display.
100 Things to do in Albuquerque Before You Die
Courtesy of Ashley M. Biggers

Found Objects

Join a discussion led by painter and printmaker Nancy Friese, see In the Heights, go to the 21st Century Cyphers reception and meet the author of 100 Things to Do in Albuquerque Before You Die.