Alibi V.28 No.2 • Jan 10-16, 2019 


What’s the Matter with Belen?

City’s religious right would rather be broke than support feminist art

Belen struggles to fund their Judy Chicago Museum, due to the nature of the art. The problem? Seeing lady-bits might cause an uprising of angry mobs.
Comedian John Fugelsang performs at the KiMo Theatre Jan. 12

Arts Interview


Call and response with John Fugelsang and Danger K. Varoz

We wanted to interview comedian John Fugelsang, but we couldn't, so we got comedian Danger K. Varoz to interview some of his jokes instead.
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Kaatje Gotcha
courtesy of the artist

Found Objects

Enjoy Matters of the Heart: Black Art Speaks, see comedians to raise money for a wheelcair pillow and then go audition for the Shakespeare Festival.