Alibi V.28 No.22 • May 30-June 5, 2019 
Dancer Alicia Dellimore and poet Manuel Gonzalez rehearsing at Keshet.

Arts Feature

Albuquerque Hear Here Festival

A collaborative production at Keshet offers artist and audience new opportunities

The Albuquerque Hear Here Festival can best be described as an intensive residency. In the mold of the 48 Hour Film Festival, Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts has launched a collaborative project that pairs dancers/choreographers with musicians/composers, sight unseen.
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Poem in the branches of the desert willow by Jane Lipman.
Photo by Clarke Condé

Art Magnified

Haiku in Review

The Art of Haiku at the Open Space Visitor Center

The Art of Haiku exhibit, and Jane Lipman's poem in particular, pairs well with the purpose of the Open Space Visitor Center. How much time do we need to spend contemplating nature and our place within the greater scheme of the universe?

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Photo by Jeffery Hertz

Found Objects

Quilt While You’re Ahead

This week, enjoy the Fiber Arts Fiesta, Jesús Muñoz Teatro Flamenco and Estaban: Eight Years Across the American Southwest. And then go help clean up the Rio Grande.