Alibi V.28 No.23 • June 6-12, 2019 

Arts Interview


Theater on the Farm

Weekly Alibi sat down with Katie Farmin, the director of Stargazing, to talk about putting together the outdoor dinner theater experience called Theater on the Farm.
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Romeo and Juliet at the 2019 New Mexico Shakespeare Festival featuring Kainon Bachtel as Romeo, Caitlyn Kelly as Juliet, Joe Dalacqua as Capulet, Nick Pippin as Tybalt
Photo by Ryan Dobbs

Art Magnified


The New Mexico Shakespeare Festival 2019

On summer nights, not just here in Albuquerque or even across the country but around the world, actors take to the stage to deliver lines said millions of times over the centuries. Why? Haven’t we already heard these stories before?
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Found Objects

Check out Pastelworld, SURFACE: Emerging Artists of New Mexico, Portal/Portal, I WANNA BE YOURS and SHIFT | ONWARD.
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Hot Tropic

Pacific Mambo Orchestra

This powerhouse ensemble from San Francisco, led by pianist Christian Tumalan and trumpeter Steffen Kuehn, rejuvenates the Latin big band sounds of the '40s through '60s.
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Balanced on the Biggest Wave

Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular

Hear the psychedelic sounds of the classic rock band with laser lights to please the eyes.