Alibi V.28 No.24 • June 13-19, 2019 
Christopher Titus

Feature Interview

Christopher Titus Talks Comedy and Tragedy

Weekly Alibi recently chatted with Christopher Titus about his body of work, coping with personal tragedy, founding Combustion World Industries and more.
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Rusty Rutherford
Photo by Rusty Rutherford

Arts Interview

Funny Times in Albuquerque

Rusty Rutherford and the Funny Fiesta

Weekly Alibi sat down with Rusty Rutherford, a stand-up standout among the comics in Albuquerque as well as a comedy booster, to talk about the changing comedy scene here in Albuquerque and beyond.
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Yjastros in rehearsal
Photo by Clarke Condé

Art Magnified

32nd Annual Festival Flamenco

World class dance sourced locally and internationally

For the members of Yjastros, the past is rooted in traditional flamenco and the potential is to create something that not only shows the range of the company, but takes the form in a new direction—contemporary flamenco.
Photo by Clarke Condé.

Found Objects

This week, check out Crippled Comedy Tour 2.0, He(art)s of Colour, Insects of Open Space and the Snaggy Hat Workshop.