Arts & Lit
 Alibi V.28 No.28 • July 11-17, 2019 
A 1982 Monte Carlo on display as part of the lowrider exhibit at the Albuquerque International Sunport.

Arts Interview

Lowriders at the Sunport

An Interview with Curator Max Baptiste

Weekly Alibi sat down with curator Max Baptiste to find out more about the lowrider exhibit, the challenges of showing art at the airport and what we can expect in the future.
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Hexagram 6: Sung
courtesy of the artist

Art Magnified

Seeing the Conflict

Denise Weaver Ross’s Hexagram 6: Sung (Creative Tension)

If there is a hexagram for our country’s current conditions, Denise Weaver Ross’ interpretation of the I Ching’s Hexagram 6 could be the one.
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Clarke Condé

Found Objects

See all of Shakespeare’s plays condensed into a two-hour comedic escapade, the 505 Poetry Slam Scrimmage and a non-digital photography exhibition. Then find out why New Mexico is not the state with the fewest shark attacks.