Arts & Lit
 Alibi V.28 No.29 • July 18-24, 2019 
Da-ka-xeen Mehner

Arts Interview

Indigenizing Our History

The Monument Project of Da-ka-xeen Mehner

Weekly Alibi caught up with Da-ka-xeen Mehner while he was photographing Sunday afternoon at the Obelisk in Santa Fe Plaza to talk about his work and the histories that monuments like this represent.
by Sloane Volpe.

Art Magnified

Inviting Mystery

Considering Trace by Sloane Volpe

Trace by Sloane Volpe is an image that flirts with the upper zones of the photographic print.
Dave Attell
courtesy of the artist

Comedy Matters

You Can Find Him in the Club

Dave Attell talks hot dogs, porn and comedy

Weekly Alibi chats with Dave Attell, who for the last 35 years has been “finding the funny” and shoving it in his audience's face.
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Found Objects

Check out The Cake, Scientific Illustration: The Intersection of Art and Science, Chalk Art Fest and the grand opening of Through the Flower Art Space.