Alibi V.28 No.31 • Aug 1-7, 2019 
Atlantic Ocean

Arts Interview

The River, The Ocean and The Sea

Photographing Water Around the World

The photography project The River, The Ocean, The Sea is about the Rio Grande, the Atlantic Ocean and the Andaman Sea, respectively, or at least the parts that photographers Nick Tauro Jr., Fábio Miguel Roque and Hean Kuan Ong know well. Weekly Alibi sat down with Nick Tauro Jr. to talk about how the project came together, what the photographs tell us and why he makes photography books in the digital age.
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north korean soldiers
Nathalie Daoust

Art Magnified

Camera Redacted

Nathalie Daoust’s Korean Dreams

Consider for a moment if you could smuggle film out of North Korea. The effort it took to bring Nathalie Daoust’s Korean Dreams to Albuquerque is enough to warrant a good long look.
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Psychic Typographies and Guiltless Repetition
Matthew Bollinger

Found Objects

Another month, another Friday. Check out Burque Revolt Poetry Slam, Suzanne Sbarge: Refresh, Remnants, ACTIVATE!, Retablo, Psychic Typographies & Guiltless Repetition and A Living Archive of Urban Indians.
Clarke Condé


Chalk Talk

Chalk the Block

Draw and write on the sidewalks of Nob Hill.