Alibi V.28 No.32 • Aug 8-14, 2019 
beetle gallery

Arts Interview

The Art Found in Beetle Galleries

Bunny Bowen’s Beetle-Killed Trees

It was discovering the beauty of the intricate patterns left by insect infestations that have ravaged Southwestern forests that both inspired and saddened Bunny Bowen.
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photo by Russell Maynor

Art Magnified

Can’t We All Just Eat Some Cake?

Aux Dog’s The Cake Takes on Half-Baked Bigotry

The Cake is a modern, comedic take on modern issues that are routed in timeless dilemmas, inspired by an incident that led to a Supreme Court case.
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Found Objects

Tour the Sasebo Japanese Garden, launch the Cuckoo Beest project, hear to cleave: poems and celebrate and dedicate the Orpheum Community Hub mural.
Clarke Condé


Chalk Talk

Chalk the Block

Draw and write on the sidewalks of Nob Hill.